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   Chapter 12 No.12

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But when he reached his front door minutes later, there was a shock waiting for him.

'What's this?' Arlen protested.

The one man in the world he didn't want to deal with rounded on him with a sour expression and a finger in his chest.

'You've had your last warning' the landlord growled, jabbing Arlen again. 'If you refuse to pay your rent, then you can sleep in the fields.'

'No!' Arlen cried in panic. 'Please.'

'Spare me your excuses' the landlord went on, turning from him and hammering another plank across the front door. 'I don't want to hear your petty sob stories. I don't care. I have a business to run. If people don't want to pay their rent then that's not my problem.'

'Please' Arlen begged. 'You can't kick me out.'

'Then pay what you owe' the landlord said, lowering the hammer and facing Arlen.

'I don't have any money' Arlen admitted, his whole body sagging as he said this.

The landlord turned away again, and began hammering up another plank. 'Then I hope you don't mind being trodden on by cows in the middle of a cold night.'

'Winfred' came another voice.

The landlord and Arlen both glanced round, seeing Farrell standing there.

'Now I don't want trouble from you' the landlord began, scowling at Farrell. 'You may be a respected man but this building belongs to me, and I don't offer it out of charity.'

'I apologise for any inconvenience caused' Farrell said to the man in a dead tone. He pulled out a pouch from one of his pockets and handed it to the landlord. 'I hope this will clear any problems you have with my brother.'

The landlord took the pouch suspiciously. Farrell walked past the both of them, only offering Arlen the briefest of acknowledgments.

'My goodness' the landlord exclaimed as he counted the coins in the pouch. 'There's enough rent here for an entire year! Well…you must be doing something right for your brother to care so much about you.'

Arlen gave him a flat expression.

'Well…' the landlord bobbed at him suddenly cheery. 'Good day to you. And be sure to get rid of these planks from the door, they look unsightly.'

Arlen glared at Winfred as he bounced away, feeling only cold in his heart. And then he felt worry.


He ran to catch his brother up.

'I don't want to hear it' Farrell droned.

'Listen.' Arlen continued anyway. 'I promise I'll pay you back…and thank you' h

e added hastily.

'It's not about the money' Farrell sighed in exasperation, coming to a halt to speak to Arlen. 'We both know you haven't any money and paying that amount is no trouble for me.'

'Thanks' Arlen repeated, sarcastically now. 'Thanks for outlining my shortcomings.'

'Oh for gods sake don't make this personal' Farrell groaned walking away again.

'You started to make this personal' Arlen called after him.

Farrell stopped. He turned back and marched up to Arlen.

'You think you can blame your failures on other people?' he snarled losing his temper. 'I stick my neck out for you, I cover up for your absences and time and again you let me down.'

'You think I let you down?' Arlen hissed back.

Farrell grabbed him by the front of his shirt, shaking him roughly. 'Every time you fail to show up for duty, it looks bad on me. My own brother.'

'I'm sorry I'm such a burden to you' Arlen said flatly.

Farrell shoved him back.

'Gods I've never known anyone so selfish' he spat. 'You drift around from one day to the next living in your own little world. You see nothing around you beyond your own interests. It hurts Brice and me to see you like this. But the one person in life you're hurting most of all is yourself. You just don't see it.'

Farrell turned on his heel and stormed off, leaving Arlen to wallow in his misery.

After a time, Arlen decided to move. He didn't want to go home; he wasn't that hungry after all he decided. So instead, he returned to his rock, and continued his vigil over the Duke's manor.

He had spent hours that day, like many before that, just sitting and watching the manor, hoping for even a brief glimpse of Ramana. But on this day, like the last and many before that, there was not even a whisper from her.

'I'm worried about Arlen' Farrell said as he entered Brice's home, not even bothering to knock.

Brice glanced up from his meal, his wife Alice and his son Shawn were sat around the table with him.

'I hear what you're saying' Brice replied, not at all surprised to see Farrell there. The brothers were far too familiar with one another to bother announcing their arrivals. 'He's been so distracted lately, even more so than usual.'

'My lady' Farrell bowed to Alice respectfully as she smiled welcomingly at him. 'How are you today?'

'Oh I am quite well' she beamed back. 'Please, have a seat.'

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