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   Chapter 10 No.10

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Farrell returned home briefly, seeing that Brice had returned Alastor to his field before he had gone home the night before. He smiled approvingly at his brother's kind action; then suddenly with a twinge of sadness, remembered Arlen. There was one place he was sure to be, but Farrell had an idea, and needed to do something before visiting Arlen in the temple, where he was sure to be praying.

Farrell entered his home to get some money, leaving shortly after and visiting one of the few shops in the town. Once he had purchased what he was looking for (or near enough as there was little choice in a town so small) he entered the temple.

Ignoring the beauty of the stained glass depicting the one winged goddess Micro, Farrell entered the main body of the temple, and sure enough, found his brother.

This time he was praying before the statue of the god Filis, a depiction of a young six-winged boy with long flowing hair and two long horns growing upwards from his head.

Trying to stifle his coughs at the overpowering smell of the incense that burned here, Farrell made himself known.

'Brother' Arlen said lifting his head. 'You're here.'

Farrell waved at the air before his face, trying to clear away the stuffy smell of the many scents that burned around him.

Arlen rose from his kneeling position, turning and facing Farrell. He immediately made an expression of disgust as he breathed in.

'You stink of perfume' Arlen told him.

'How can you smell anything but the incense in here?'

'You think the incense is overpowering?' Arlen asked him. 'Better than the cheap toilet water you're laced with. You've been whoring again haven't you.'

'You say it like it's a bad thing' Farrell replied.

'It is a bad thing' Arlen said flatly. 'It's disgusting. Those women aren't from around here. Who knows where they've been or what they've been doing.'

'Anyway' Farrell sighed deliberately, changing the subject. 'I brought you something.'

He unfolded the bundle he had been carrying, and held it up for Arlen to see.

'It's a cloak' Farrell explained.

'I can see that.'

It was a beautiful garment, crimson in shade with vividly detailed patterns and swirls. It looked very expensive, and must have taken weeks to make by skilled hands.

'I know you've been feeling down lately' Farrell went on. 'So I thought I'd buy you a gift to cheer you up. It's not much…but…'

'No it's lovely' Arlen said, feeling the material. 'Thank you. It was really nice of you to think of me like tha


'Of course' Farrell said. 'You're my brother. I care about you.'

Arlen took the cloak from Farrell, sweeping it over his shoulders and straightening up.

'How do I look?' he asked Farrell.

'In that bright red?' Farrell grinned. 'Like a jester'

'You flatter me' Arlen replied in a monotone.

'Listen, Arlen' Farrell began. 'I couldn't help but notice that you missed the fight the other day. I can't keep making excuses for you just because you're my brother.'

'I know' Arlen sighed bowing his head. 'I just…I've got a lot on my mind.'

'I know' Farrell nodded. 'But still...'

'You know they only compliment you because you pay them' Arlen said, deliberately changing the subject.


'The whores' Arlen replied.

'I prefer to call them ladies of the night' Farrell answered. 'And don't change the subject.'

'I prefer to call them what they are' Arlen finished. 'Whores.'

'Well' Farrell said clapping his hands together. 'I had better be on my way. I need some fresh air from this stuffy place.'

Farrell left his brother behind in the temple, heading home again. Along the way he was stopped by a figure, the Duke Bairn.

'Farrell!' the Duke called, hobbling he struggled to keep up with the soldiers brisk march. 'May I have a word?'

'Of course my lord' Farrell replied respectfully as he turned back to face the man. 'How can I help you?'

'I just wanted to congratulate you on your promotion. I know that was a short time ago now, and I should have done it sooner…but I've been so busy with all the worries a Duke must suffer.'

'I understand' Farrell said, 'and thank you for your concern my lord.'

'And!' Bairn added hastily as Farrell made to turn away. 'Just one more thing' the Duke went on, as Farrell turned back to him. 'I wish to introduce you to someone. My daughter.'

'Daughter?' Farrell questioned. 'I didn't know you had a daughter.'

'Few do' Bairn admitted. 'I've had many children…as you know. And I have lost many also. Over the years I have cared greatly for each, but my daughter…she is something special. Of all the children I've had, nearly twenty in number, I have only even had one daughter. Isn't that strange?'

'Most would consider so many sons a blessing' Farrell told him.

'Which I have' Bairn replied. 'But losing so many children takes its toll. I have become somewhat protective of her. I've kept her hidden, until she is ready to face the world outside.'

'I understand' Farrell nodded. 'I perhaps would do the same.'

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