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   Chapter 4 No.4

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'That's terrible' Mandy cried, backing away, concern and sorrow was written all over her face.

'I know!' Arlen forcibly suppressed a smirk, before looking up at her again. 'She is so terribly confused all the time, I have to lock her in her room, or else she will fall down the stairs! The other day she tried to climb out of the window. I had to run outside to try to catch her!'

'Poor dear' Mandy sympathised.

'I was just on my way to give her her medicines. If she doesn't get her medicines, then she spends all night screaming that there are bats coming out of her ears.'

'Well you had better hurry' she told him.

'I will' Arlen hastened. 'I only left her for a brief moment; I only hope that I make it back in time. Anything could have happened in the time I've been away.'

'Don't keep her waiting then' she urged.

'I won't' Arlen said, tip toeing around her. 'I just hope that this time she will recognise me, and not try to set me on fire on sight.'

He ran away from her, not even waiting for a response. He muttered one word under his breath as he rounded a corner.


Arlen ran the rest of the way home, scurrying as fast as he could to avoid running into anyone else.

When he reached his house he slammed the door after him and bolted it, locking himself in. He stood leaning against the door, waiting for his breath to return to him.

Arlen let out a deep sigh, straightening up and taking in the environment around him.

His home was small, tiny in fact. Downstairs was just a single room, the kitchen, the bathroom was out back. There was a table, and only one chair to sit on. Arlen felt distain purely from looking at it, thinking of how it needed a woman's touch to make it feel better. Some flowers, some fresh paint on the walls. A picture here and there would make the place far homelier that it was. But no woman would want to live here, how could he raise a family in such a tiny house?

He sighed again miserably, ascending the steep stairs up to the floor above, where there was again, just one tiny room. And this was where he slept.

Arlen lay back on the double bed, thinking of how large and cold it felt sleeping in it alone.

He stared up at the ceiling, where the thick layer of coble webs held dust in carpets upon them. He didn't want to breathe too heavily while looking up, in case some fell on him. He didn't like spiders, and hated even more the sight and feel of coble webs.

Arlen rolled over on his side, not even bothering to take his boot

s off. He closed his eyes, drifting gradually into sleep.

Chapter Two

First Sight

Farrell groaned, opening his eyes tentatively and lifting his hand to this throbbing head.

'It is morning?' he grumbled.

Beside him Brice began to stir, moaning in agony at the pain in his neck as he had slept awkwardly. He gazed blearily about, squinting in the bright light. The two brothers were sitting on empty barrels outside the inn, and chickens were picking at the dirt at their feet.

'Did we sleep here?' Brice rasped, in a voice barely audible. 'My mouth feels like it's full of sand.'

'Why have I got a bruise on my shoulder?' Farrell asked his brother as he examined himself. 'Did you hit me?'

'Naw I think you fell over.'

'I don't remember.'

'Me neither.'

Farrell leant forwards, finding his feet he stumbled, scattering the chickens as they ran in all directions. Farrell grasped his head now with both hands, doubled over and moaning.

'How much did I drink?'

Brice beside him was cautiously trying to stand, holding onto the barrels around him for support. 'We obviously had a great time' he said.

Farrell opened his eyes, noticing a pair of delicate green shoes painted in flowers and ivy. He slowly lifted his head, seeing the owner of the shoes standing before him. The woman smiled kindly.

'Mandy? Is that you?'

'Hello Farrell' Mandy beamed sweetly.

She was perfect. Not a single blond hair was out of place, tied up high on her head and held in place with flowers. Her makeup was lavish; she dressed extravagantly in dark colours and wore excessive jewellery that hung from her ears and wrists.

'What are you doing here?' Farrell grumbled.

'I noticed you from far away' she told them. 'I thought I'd come over to see how your mother was doing.'

Farrell made a face, exchanging a glance with Brice.

'Our mother?'

'Our mother died nearly ten years ago' Brice told her.

At hearing this Mandy pursed her lips, puffing herself up. 'What?'

'You didn't know?' Farrell asked her.

'Your brother' she spoke through gritted teeth, 'told me she was unwell.'

Brice drew a sharp intake of breath, speaking to Farrell. 'I think we just got Arlen in trouble.'

Mandy turned on her heel and stormed off, balling her fists and hunching her shoulders, muscles bulging as if she was ready to hurt something. Farrell and Brice stayed where they were for a moment, gathering themselves and trying not to be sick, when a short time later a panicked Arlen found them.

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