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   Chapter 254 No.254

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The walls of the courtyard either side of them were tall.

'We'll be protected from the wind here' Cam spoke in a murmur. 'We should be safe here. The eight are watching over us.'

Luke rolled onto his side, staring back at Cam.

'We should get to a town soon' Luke told him, 'before we start to run low on food.'

'Yeah' Cam mumbled. 'It's the obvious place to go next. We can ask around once we get there….ask if anyone has seen Lucy. She would stand out more I think…because of her red hair.'

Luke watched his brother for a moment longer, before closing his eyes, and succumbing to sleep.

Cam watched his brother for several minutes, before looking back at the manor.

Those figures are sure to be watching us he thought. Lucy……I hope you're safe…I hope you're out there somewhere……

They set off early the next morning, as they had the last, and made their way to the nearest town. Here, they learnt that several people had arrived some days ago, claiming to have escaped a fire. They had travelled from the woods.

Cam listened in eager silence as Luke questioned the innkeeper. They left together after that.

'So they went across the narrow sea' Luke said, walking out onto the streets and staring at the harbour before them.

The narrow sea is what many people called it; it was also nicknamed the wide river. Small ships often journeyed back and forth carrying passengers, as they were on this day.

'There is another kingdom across the waters' Luke said staring at the ships. 'I wonder why they went there.'

'We have to follow them' Cam hastened.

'Don't worry' Luke said glancing back. 'We will.'

They went to pay for a fare to cross the water. It wasn't long before they ran into problems.

'You call this money?' the man said to them. 'No the price is worth double at least, more so if you want to bring your horses.'

Luke and Cam exchanged anguished glances.

'Listen' Luke said stepping forwards with a friendly smile. 'I think it would be in your interest if-'

'Listen to me you tepid cur!'

The three of them looked around in shock at the new figure that had appeared. Cam instantly recognising the black cloak and gloves, but this figure wore no mask, not this time.

'Do you have any idea who these people are?!' Wonderland practically shouted at the man. 'I am an important official! You will let these people ride for free…and their horses, or else I will see your head rolling down the steepest hill I can find. No, make that a mountain!'

The man stared at the cloaked figure in shock.

'I am an important person' Wonderland continued. 'I have a personal relationship to the

ther side of the ship, to stand and stare out at the sea on the other side.

Cam turned to Luke, who looked back at him sadly.

'Well…' Luke began slowly. 'I guess this is it then.'

'You'll go on ahead won't you?' Cam urged him. 'You'll keep going…to find Lucy yourself…and tell her what has happened to me.'

'I will' Luke whispered, tears brimming in his eyes. 'I promise I will.'

They embraced each other, holding one another tight.

'You'll come back' Luke said to him. 'You will come back won't you?'

'Yes' Cam whispered, fighting back his own tears. 'I promise. I swear to the gods…I will…'

Wonderland held out her arm, inviting Cam to move forwards. Once he did, Wonderland summoned a portal, using her magic with ease, to create a doorway to another world.

'Are you ready?' Wonderland whispered excitedly to him.

Cam glanced at her hesitantly, before looking back at his brother. Luke gazed back at him, nodding once slowly in encouragement.

Cam faced ahead again, staring at the portal reluctantly for a moment, before taking a breath and stepping towards it.

He stood directly before it, squinting at the bright light as it shone in his eyes.

He turned back to face his brother, just one last time.

'This is it' Cam said.

'This is it' Luke echoed, his voice unhappy.

'I will return one day' Cam told him. 'I promise I will come home.'

'I know you will' Luke nodded slowly.

Cam turned away to face the blinding light again.

He took one last steady breath to calm his nerves, before stepping forwards, through the portal, and to places unknown.

The next time Cam opened his eyes, he was in another world.


End of The Prince of Light Part One, the story continues and ends in Part Two

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