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Each of the brothers raised the hoods they wore, doing so only as a disguise to protect themselves as they left the capital. None would try to stop them, but they didn't want to be recognised all the same.

As they were making their way out of the palace stables, riding their horses slowly down the path, Luke noticed something suddenly.


Cam glanced around.

Standing on the roof of the stables a short distance away, were two masked figures, clad all in black, with no skin visible.

'What are they doing there?' Luke asked, sounding slightly nervous.

'It's alright' Cam said. 'They're there to protect us.'

'How do you know?'

'I just know' Cam said flatly. He raised his hand, waving back to the figures in black. They raised their hands, waving back.

'You trust them?' Luke asked tentatively.

'Yes' Cam mumbled, '…and no…' he faced ahead again. 'I'm sure they will not try to harm me, or allow me to come to harm, not for the moment at least.'

They rode out of the gates that were the entrance to the palace grounds, and stepped out into the street.

The horse's hooves clip-clopped on the stone street, and the brothers made their way quickly forwards, resisting the urge to send their horses into a canter and get away as fast as possible.

It was awkward to move through the crowded streets, and the roads between some of the buildings were narrow.

After a time, they came to a familiar place.

'Do you remember?' Cam asked Luke, indicating the building of the thieves' guild, a part of the family they once used to be.

'I remember' Luke replied solemnly, eyes lingering on the building. 'I wonder what's happened to them all?' he spoke in a distant voice as they passed by. 'They must all be far away somewhere…living their lives…'

'I hope they are happy' Cam mumbled.

'Me too…'

As they reached the main entry road to the capital and stepped out onto the open land, both brothers breathed a sigh of relief.

'It feels good' Luke smiled warmly, 'just to get away from it all.'

'It does' Cam nodded. 'Just think how different things would be if neither of us were princes.'

'The thought of having lived a normal life is such a strange one to me' Luke mumbled.

'It is' Cam nodded, 'to me also.' Though I have lived it…if not for a brief moment…

He glanced sideways at Luke.

'Let's go.'

They kicked their horses hard in the flank, over and over again until the beasts increased their pace into a canter, racing across the land with the wind whipping at their hair and clothes.

Cam and L

uke rode as fast as they could away from the palace, away from the roads, instead travelling across the open plains.

They slowed only when the horses were exhausted, coming gradually to a gentle walk.

Cam and Luke exchanged an excited glance, before both looking behind them to the city that was now far away.

'I think it's very exciting' Cam gasped.

'What's exciting?' Luke asked him, panting and wiping the tears from his eyes as the wind had stung him.

'It feels' Cam said, facing forwards again, 'like we're going on an adventure.'

They travelled for some time, before camping in the sheltered world within the woods as night began to fall.

'I never thought I'd say this right now' Cam said as he lay on his back, looking up at the stars behind the branches of the trees, 'but I'm actually having fun.'

'Good' Luke smiled beside him. 'I'm glad you are at ease.'

Cam blinked slowly, resting back with his hands behind his head.

'Do you think Lucy's alright?' he asked hopefully.

'Yeah' Luke replied. 'I do.'

The next morning they woke early and set off again, the horses that had been kept indoors for a long time tossed their heads excitedly, happy at last to be out. The brothers urged the beasts onwards.

In no time at all it seemed, they reached the manor where Cam had lived for several weeks. The journey for Cam seemed far shorter than it had first time, and the place when they reached it was nothing like he remembered.

The manor had been completely destroyed, now only the foundations remained, where could be seen nothing but charred and blackened wood, and broken glass from the windows. It was clear that the place had long since been abandoned.

'So this is where you stayed?' Luke asked curiously.

'Yeah' Cam mumbled, standing on the ground beside his horse with Luke. 'I was…better before the attack… …' he trailed off.

Luke glanced towards him, before looking at the building again.

'I wish I could have seen it whole' Luke said forlorn as his gaze travelled away from the manor itself and to the grounds. 'I bet it was beautiful.'

'Yeah' Cam mumbled. 'It was.'

They searched the bones of the manor, but found nothing inside.

That night, the brothers set up camp just outside the stables, which had not been destroyed, but remained whole. It was a warm night, the cloudy sky kept the heat of the day over the kingdom.

Cam leant back against the stable wall, staring at the blackened broken manor. His brother rested opposite him, lying on his back, a small fire burned between them.

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