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   Chapter 252 No.252

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Luke turned to face him.

'….other worlds?'

'I said I would do it' Cam explained. 'I owe them now; I made a deal, your life…in exchange for this.'

Luke continued to watch him silently, wearing a firm expression.

'They want to take me away from here' Cam said.

'Why?' Luke asked. 'Who are they? Why do they show interest in you? What do they want, and why were they willing to save me?'

'I don't know' Cam whispered shaking his head. 'I know almost nothing about them.'

'What do you know about them?'

Cam paused. 'There are eight of them.'

A silence passed between them.

'They have been watching over us both for a very long time' Cam mumbled after a while.

'Listen' Luke began, 'there's something left. I received a visitor when I was healing, when you were away.'

Cam turned to look at his brother. Luke was smiling.

'I hope you still remember her.'

The door to the balcony opened behind them, and Cam whipped around.

He gasped at the figure that appeared before him then.


She smiled widely to him. She had grown considerably in the time that Cam had been away, had matured. She was taller, slender, and more beautiful. Her eyes sparkled; the peach coloured dress she wore looked stunning on her shapely figure, and for a moment Cam was lost for words, amazed that this was the same person.

Valery moved closer to Luke then, placing an arm around him, as he wound an arm around her waist. They shared a silent glance, before looking back at Cam simultaneously.

Cam glanced at each of them in surprise.

'I hope you're not upset' Luke said to him.

Cam grinned widely at both of them, unable to hold it back.

'Of course I'm not upset' Cam said to Luke, beaming at the both of them. 'Valery' he sighed. 'I've missed you.'

'I've missed you too' she smiled at him, 'more than you could know…'

Cam paused then, watching Luke and Valery as they stood together, holding each other.

'I'm glad you've both found happiness' Cam said to them.

They left the balcony a short while after that, the three of them returning to the many vast halls of the home they shared.

'I hate this place' Cam spoke out of the blue, 'I've hated this place for so many years.' He surveyed the halls and rooms and the many many stairs around them as Luke watched him silently. 'Let's get away from here' Cam suggested. 'Let's g

o away.'

Valery tilted her head at Cam, her glossy hair falling over her shoulders, before glancing silently towards Luke.

Luke blinked at Cam's suggestion.

'Get away?' he repeated. 'Where, and for how long?'

'Anywhere' Cam answered, 'because I want to, and for as long as we want.' Cam turned to his brother, wearing a smile upon his face, a genuine gesture as he regarded his brother warmly. 'Let's just go' he said. 'Why can't we? What's really stopping us?'

'But the council…'

'They are running things here anyway' Cam shook his head. 'They don't care about either of us, and right now…that is how I like it.'

Cam and Luke each chose two fine horses from the stables. Both were handsome stallions, fit, healthy and beautiful, in the prime of their lives.

The brothers took some money to last them, some food and other things they might need, tools to start a fire, pans and blankets and mats to sleep on.

'I hope you know how to cook' Cam grinned at Luke, indicating the pan that hung from the saddle of the horse he was to ride.

'I know a bit' Luke said defensively, crossing his arms and frowning in mock annoyance. 'Just because I'm a prince. I hope you know how to cook.'

'I think you'd be surprised' Cam smirked knowingly back. 'I'm sure I know more than you do.' Perhaps being away from home was good for more than one reason. Cam thought to himself. I have learnt so much of many things since I've been away. Perhaps Durril was right to leave me behind. 'So?' Cam asked his brother. 'Are you ready?'

'Are you?' Luke teased back at him.

Cam grinned widely at him, turning around and shaking his head.

'After me then' Cam said, before mounting the horse he had chosen.

Luke turned to Valery briefly, kissing her softly upon the lips and whispering into her ear.

'Everything is going to be alright' he told her, 'I'll be back as soon as I can, I promise.'

She nodded to him in understanding, taking a step back as Luke mounted his own horse.

Cam smiled to her as they walked their horses away. She raised arm and waved to both of them as they went.

'Do you think she'll be safe left here?' Cam asked.

'Mother's soldiers are watching over her' Luke replied.

'But not for you?'

Luke grimaced then. 'I…put myself in danger…to try to help you.' He shook his head, smiling then. 'It doesn't matter, let's just go.'

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