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   Chapter 251 No.251

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The figure smirked again behind his mask, grinning wider than before.

'Brilliant deduction.'

'Why did Auntie have to die?' Cam spoke out of the blue. 'Who killed her and why?'

The masked figure leant back against the balcony wall. 'It doesn't happen very often' he said, 'but occasionally, some of our members will try to kill other members, in order to create an opening. You see, there can only ever be eight of us.' He paused. 'A long time ago, one of our members fell in love with a being who lived in another world, and he wanted her to be part of our organisation. He killed the one you knew as Auntie, to create a space for her.'

'But…' Cam began. 'Auntie loved him. I know she did. I saw them…together…'

'Yes' the masked figure replied casually. 'She loved him. And he pretended to love her. But in reality, he loved another.'

'What happened then?' Cam asked. 'Did the other woman become part of your organisation?'

'No.' the masked figure shook his head. 'No she didn't. Another member, someone who cared deeply for Auntie, stopped it from happening. She killed the woman who was supposed to take Auntie's place, and fought the man who killed her………he was killed in turn…and so…we had two empty spaces…instead of one.' The masked figure tilted his head at him. 'They were filled some years later.'

'So' Cam said. 'Why are you so interested in me?'

'Despite all we've seen' the figure replied, 'of all the worlds we have access to…we've never seen anyone like you, we've never seen anyone with the powers you have. You are one of a kind.'

'So what does that have to do with you?' Cam asked him. 'That doesn't explain why you want to help me.'

The figure grinned behind his mask. 'We are curious' he answered. 'Merely curious.'


'That's what we do' the masked figure explained. 'We are observe, we see things, watch people's lives, their struggles, their pain…and sometimes…we intervene.'

'You have been watching me since I was a child.'

'Some of us have' the masked figure nodded. 'There are many other people and other beings that take our interest also.'

Cam nodded slowly in understanding.

'So you want to see how far my powers will go?'

'Yes' the masked figure replied. 'There is much magic in you, that much is obvious to all of us. And it's like you said.' He smirked. 'We want to see how far this will go…'


he masked figure left shortly after, and Cam was alone on the balcony once again.

He was joined sometime later by Luke, who had left his bed to find him.

Cam had been deep in thought, and hadn't heard his brother approach.

'Oh' he said when he saw Luke appear beside him. 'You're awake now.'

Luke glanced sideways towards him, before looking out over the horizon.

'Lucy's alive' Cam said, answering the question before Luke had a chance to ask. 'The masked figure told me.'

Luke didn't ask who the masked figures were, instead he spoke about Lucy.

'She is alive' Luke repeated, speaking slowly. 'That is all that matters.'

Cam glanced to the side towards the sea, watching the gentle waves lapping up at the shore.

'Luke' Cam said turning to him, 'I've wished so hard and for so long that things had been different. I wish that we had not been born as princes, I wish that father had never died, I wished that mother was different, and that she loved us…like Auntie used to.'

'I feel the same' Luke replied meekly.

'Do you remember her?' Cam asked him. 'Do you remember Auntie?'

'Yes' Luke nodded slowly. 'I do.'

'I never…I never told you what happened to her.'

'I didn't want to press' Luke said.

'You've probably already guessed, but I think I should tell you anyway.' Cam breathed slowly. 'She was murdered.'

Luke blinked, and his eyes widened slightly. 'By who?' he asked.

'I…I don't know. But it was someone she trusted…someone she loved…the other masked figure we saw her with.'

Luke fell silent in thought. 'Who can you trust in this world?'

'Trust yourself' Cam answered.

'Do you trust me?' Luke asked.

Cam smiled faintly.

'More than anyone else in the world' Cam answered. 'I'm sorry I ever doubted you.'

Luke smiled weakly back at him. 'Let's not dwell on the past, those things we cannot change. Let us look only to the future.'

They fell silent, watching the clouds overhead drift lazily by. The blue sky shone brightly like a jewel above them.

'These days won't last' Cam told Luke after a time. 'I will have to leave soon.'

'Leave?' Luke echoed. 'What do you mean?'

'The masked figures that saved you' Cam explained, 'in exchange for their help, they ask for something in return.' Cam narrowed his eyes. 'They want me to travel to other worlds…they believe it will help me…master my powers.'

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