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   Chapter 250 No.250

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'I love her' Cam mumbled, eyes out of focus. 'I….oh gods….I just pray that she is still alive and well…if she died…..' Cam gritted his teeth, turning away from Luke and speaking in a mumble. 'I've known her for so long…have loved her for so long. If anything ever happened to her…if she died…well……I don't think I would ever recover from it.'

Cam raised his head then, gazing past Luke and through the window, though he could see nothing, not through the warped glass.

'She is out there somewhere' Cam breathed, '…somewhere……my Lucy……..'

Interlude start

'Go!' Vergil commanded. 'We must find this woman. Search every corner of the map! Leave no stone unturned!'

The hooded and masked figures opened several portals, each leading to the same world. Cam's world. There they would set out to search for Lucy. They would find her no matter what, whether she was dead or alive.

'Do you know what you're doing?' Vergil asked, speaking to their newest member, the one that had replaced Lucretia after she had died.

'Yes' Wonderland replied. She was a fairy, petite in build, her delicate glassy wings quivering behind her. 'Don't worry' she gleamed slyly, moving towards her own portal and bowing her wings as she went. 'I can move a lot faster than any of you.'

Interlude end

It was several hours later, when one of the masked figures appeared to Cam.

He was alone now, standing on a balcony and leaning forwards against the stone wall, gazing out onto the world. His brother he had left alone now to rest and recover, but he didn't stray far from him.

Cam heard a noise, the sound of a flurry of air, a rustle of clothing.

He straightened calmly, and turned to see one of the masked figures standing there. The plague mask, the crows face, staring back at him blankly.

'We've searched the wreckage of the manor' the male voice said to him. 'There is no sign of Lucy…no body……it's best to assume she got out alive.'

Cam let out a deep breath, relief swelling inside him.

'She's probably escaped somewhere' the masked figure went on. 'My people are looking for her now.'

'What are the chances of finding her?' Cam asked.

'Pretty high. But…we haven't found her yet. She has proven to be quite elusive.'

'But she's alright?'

'Most likely' the figure went on. 'We will keep looking.'

Cam sighed, bowing his head and stepping back. 'If anything happened to her…'


Don't worry' the masked figure told him. 'We won't let anything bad happen to her. She can't hide from us for long. We will find her.'

'And my brother?' Cam asked nervously. 'Will he be safe with the council here?'

'You shouldn't worry about him either' the masked figure told him. 'We will watch out for him now. We've taken far too much interest in both of you to lose you now.'

Cam nodded slowly, gritting his teeth before looking up again at the figure.

'And what payment do you seek in return for what you have done for me?'

He dreaded to hear the answer, but he had to ask. It was inevitable.

'We want you to travel to other worlds' the masked figure told him casually, 'and learn things that would help you master your powers. You need to learn to do more than just glow, which in itself is pretty useless, unless you're in a dark room.'

Cam glanced at him again. Behind his mask the figure smiled.

'You want me to be like you?'


'You travel to different worlds' Cam said to him. 'Don't you.'

'What makes you think that?' the masked figure asked. 'This is the first time such a thing has been mentioned to you.'

'I'm not stupid.'

The figure paused.

'You remember Auntie don't you?' Cam said to him.

'Yes' the masked figure replied. 'You were very close to her. Her death was as much a shock to us as it was to you.'

'I doubt that' Cam said flatly. 'I remember the day she was…'

He fell silent for a moment.

'One day' Cam said, 'she brought something to us to play with. She said it came from a tree house shop, but I've thought about it often in days gone by, even years later. But…I know now, there is nothing that exists in our world that was like that.'

'What was it?'

Cam furrowed his brow

'It was about this big' Cam indicated. 'And made of black rubber.'

'A car tyre?'

'I don't know what that is.'

'Of course you don't' the masked figure smirked, turning away.

'It's not just that' Cam went on. 'But the way that you always seemed to appear when was convenient. The way things turned out, the way things changed. But more importantly…the constant feeling I experienced of being watched. It might have been a stretch' Cam said, 'it might have been a strange thing to think, and unusual conclusion to come to. But to me it was obvious. You' he said glancing to the masked figure, 'could not possibly belong to this world.'

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