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'And that one?' Luke asked pointing to another man.

'He's a teacher.'

'He doesn't sound so scary.'

Miranda smiled. 'Not at first. But his damage, though it takes longer, could be far more harmful. He is in charge of all the schools in the capital and beyond. He decides what the students learn, no matter what it might be. He could be brainwashing children under the king's nose and we wouldn't know.'

It was not long after that, that Cam was captured, and Luke was forced to watch him be sentenced to death.

'No' he hissed through gritted teeth, tears brimming in his eyes. 'How can this happen? This is wrong. It isn't supposed to be this way!'

He composed himself, and leant forwards over the wall of the balcony on which he stood.

Luke's heart clenched in his chest as his eyes met with Cam's, and he saw the terror in his brother then, the tears in his eyes at he was tied to the stake.

Miranda stood beside Luke to watch as the pyre was lit.

When Cam had been rescued from the fire, and his saviours escaped, Luke prayed that he was alive and well.

It wasn't long after that, that the council came for him, believing him to be responsible for Cam's escape.

They tortured him, and Miranda was made to listen to his screams as she stood at the top of the stairs to the dungeons.

She pushed herself off the wall calmly, turning and walking away.

'Cam' she sighed. 'I hope you make the most of this second chance you've been given.'

Luke spent weeks imprisoned in the dungeons, living most of his time in the dark, starving, and praying to the gods for Cam's safety.

But in the end, as was inevitable, Cam had been found.

Cam woke abruptly, opening his eyes and staring down at his own body. The first thing he noticed was that he sat in a chair. The second thing he noticed was that he was bound to it. Straps went around his wrists and ankles, and two around his torso. His heart instantly froze as the all too familiar situation became clear to him.

'Hello Cam' said the burly torturer, the same scarred one that had hurt him before. 'It's good to see you awake, and it's good to see you again, you surely haven't forgot me.'

Cam stared wide eyed at the man, going suddenly pale. He drew a shuddering breath, mouth

open and beginning to sweat.

'Try anything funny' the torturer said, 'and I will make you regret it.'

'Are you going to hurt me?' Cam whispered in a shaking voice.

'No' the man said. 'I'm going to hurt him.'

Chapter Twenty Seven

'I knew Brioke was behind it all' Luke said angrily, balling his fists. 'I knew it from the start. He was an evil man. I cannot believe…I just thought that….' he bit back his words, forcing himself to relax. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, before opening them again, his expression this time gentle. 'I'm glad he's gone now' he spoke calmly. 'It's what he deserved.'

Luke raised his head, looking at Cam then.

'What happens now?' he asked Cam in a distant voice. 'There are members of the council still alive. They still rule the kingdom.' He waited, before speaking again. 'What happens now?'

'I have to find Lucy' Cam breathed.


Cam let out a sigh, wondering how best to explain.

'Do you remember' he began, 'many years ago when we snuck out of the palace to live in the streets, when we were part of the guild stealing from others?'

'Yes' Luke mumbled, 'I remember something of the sort.'

'You probably don't remember her, you met her only once I think' Cam said, 'but there was a girl that we met. She wasn't part of the thieves' guild, but one of her brothers was familiar with the guild, and friends with them I think. She…Lucy's family, saved me and took me in when I was in danger. Do you remember? When we were split up?'

'I vaguely remember' Luke whispered. 'It was…so long ago…' he sighed. 'I completely forgot about it…until now…'

'I stayed with their family for a short time' Cam went on, 'I think I did. Anyway…' he continued. 'Since that day I first met her, she's appeared again throughout my life, for years, up until recently. We…' he began. 'We are lovers, were…I mean….' he let out a sigh. 'I don't know what's happened to her' he admitted. 'I don't even know if she is still alive…. The place I was staying, somewhere far away…was found. The whole building was completely destroyed…….I don't know if she made it…' He bit his lip then, to stop himself from sobbing. 'I don't know' he went on, 'if she is dead or alive…'

'She means a lot to you?' Luke asked.

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