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   Chapter 248 No.248

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I've got a bad feeling about this Luke thought grimly to himself. Please…let it not be so…

His pace quickened as he marched, heading up and down several flights of stairs.

He heard a voice in the distance, muffled as it sounded through a closed door. But he heard the words spoken clearly.

'No! You will not touch me again!'

Luke broke into a run, heading to the level above.

When he reached the door he burst into the room without pause, calling out in horror.


He pulled him off Cam, who was curled up in a ball on the ground as Brioke beat him. The moment he was free, Cam gingerly began to rise to his feet, pushing himself off the ground.

Luke let go of Brioke, crying out in fear at the sight of Cam's eyes as they began to glow, a blinding white light.

Without a moment's hesitation, Cam lunged for Brioke, grabbing him by the shirt he began to attack.

Luke fought through the gale Cam's magic had created in the room, trying to reach him as the snow and sleet and fire and lightning thrashed all around them.

Luke suddenly grabbed his brother, shoving him back and away from Brioke.

'Leave him alone!' Luke hollered over the roar of the elements around them.

'YOU'RE PROTECTING HIM?!' Cam screamed as he backed away from him. 'AFTER EVERYTHING HE DID TO ME?!'

'You can't mend violence with violence!' Luke screamed back.

'I can!' Cam snarled. 'I can and I fucking will!'

Cam backed further away as he spoke, straightening suddenly.

The ground beneath them began to tremble, then without warning the floor cracked and crumbled, becoming nothing but dust.

Brioke and Luke backed against the wall to avoid falling, as Cam, descended into the floor below, utterly destroying the stone around him.

Cam destroyed floor after floor, descending he drew closer to the ground, leaving behind him carnage and chaos.

Luke stared down in utter disbelief and bewilderment at the damage his brother had caused.


Cam had caused untold damage to the palace and its gardens, it took hours for men to put the fires out in the gardens, and when they did at last succeed, almost everything had been destroyed.

Men had been sent out to look for Cam, but he had been lost, and his trail had gone cold.

'This is all your doing' one of the council members had accused Luke.

'No. I had nothing to do with it…I didn't know!'

'You had better mind your step from now on' he had been warned, 'because we are watching you.'

Later that evening, Luke went to visit Brioke.

Luke stormed into his office without knocking; Brioke looked up sharply, alarm written over his face at the sudden interruption.

'What is the meaning of this?' h

e demanded.

Luke didn't answer, he simply leant back against the table, pushing Brioke's notes to the floor and staring at him.

Brioke glared back silently, waiting to see what he would do.

'I know you want me' Luke said. 'You can have me……if you want.'

Brioke narrowed his eyes as if suspecting a trick.

'Cam's gone' Luke pressed. 'It's just me now.'

Brioke placed his hands down flat upon the desk, rising slowly, never breaking eye contact, as Luke did the same.

He then walked around him, moving over to the door and slamming it shut, before rounding on Luke. Luke gasped as Brioke grabbed hold of him, turning him around and bending him over the desk.

I can do this Luke thought to himself, frightened, eyes wide in shock and horror at what was about to happen. Cam endured this for years…I can do this…

Brioke thrust into. Luke moaned, leaning further over the desk, head hung.

He intended to get close to Brioke, so that he could get the opportunity to kill him when his guard was down. But when the time came, Luke just couldn't bring himself to do it, and so he went to visit his mother.

'Mother' Luke began. 'There's no easy way for me to tell you this, so I'm going to just come out and say it. Cam has been sexually abused by Brioke since he was seven years old.'

Several days later, Brioke was dead, and Luke watched from the doorway of the dining hall as the council, completely oblivious, feasted on the pigs that had eaten the chopped up pieces of Brioke's body.

'I can't believe you did it' he said flatly.

Miranda glanced at him from the side, hidden from view behind Luke.

She didn't say anything, but simply smiled.

No one ever found out what had happened to Brioke. He had simply vanished, just like many of the other council members before him, and just like them, Brioke too was presumed dead.

And after a time, people stopped looking for him.

Sometime later, Luke found himself leaning on one of the balconies, staring out towards the horizon.

'Cam…' he spoke to the wind. 'I hope you stay away.'

Luke had joined the council shortly after that, to act as an advisor to help look for his brother. But really, he had his own agenda. He sat with the council in the early days, and was advised by his mother in secret, and told things that no one else would tell him.

'Just look around the council' she had said. 'It's made up of very dangerous people. That one there' she said glancing towards him as they lingered in the doorway of the council chamber while the others spoke, 'he is a master of poison. That one there, an assassin' she indicated, 'the one opposite him, a General, who holds the support of all his soldiers.'

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