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Cam stepped into the room, and saw Luke propped up in the bed by the far wall.

Cam closed the door behind him slowly, never taking his eyes from Luke, who smiled widely at the sight of him.

Cam approached slowly.

'Cam' Luke spoke quietly. '…you came.'

Cam reached the bed, standing over his brother, eyes travelling over his body briefly, seeing the bandages all over his body, before leaning forward and embracing him, lightly so as not to hurt him.

Luke held him back, grimacing slightly as he did so.

Cam straightened again.

'I'm…' Cam began, voice breaking. He stopped then, just smiling, before taking another breath and speaking again. 'I'm so glad you're alright' he told his brother. 'I thought that….' he stopped again.

'I can't believe you're here' Luke smiled up at him, '...after all this time. It's felt like so long…too long…' he paused then, before speaking again. 'Do you remember when we were young? We were inseparable.'

As Luke spoke, tears brimmed in his eyes; Cam in turn blinked several times to keep back his own.

'I remember' Cam whispered. 'I remember the good days.' He sighed then. 'I'm…' he said, his voice husky. 'I'm sorry I…' he turned his head away, trying to gather himself, before turning back. 'I'm sorry I hurt you' he said. 'I'm sorry I doubted you.'

'I never stopped thinking about you' Luke told him, eyes wide as he watched his brother. 'I thought about you…all the time. I felt sick everyday…Cam….I didn't know they had captured you the first time. I didn't know they brought you back to the palace. I didn't know. Cam. I swear I didn't know! I didn't know what they did to you. I didn't know you had been sentenced to be executed. I didn't know.' He took a deep breath. 'Mother did though, she saved you; can you believe it?' he laughed. 'I thought that she didn't care about either of us…but when…' Luke glanced down briefly, before meeting his gaze again. 'I told her' he said to Cam. 'I told our mother about what happened to you. About Brioke……she killed him.'

'She…killed him?'

'Yes, as soon as I told her…she….' He ground his teeth then. 'I'm sorry' he whispered. 'I tried to solve the problem myself. I didn't know mother would help. I thought she didn't care. I tried to protect you. I swear that I tried.'

'I believe you' Cam whispered.

'I don't blame you for what you did before' Luke mumbled. 'I don't blame you for say

ing you hated me, for hurting me……I can't even imagine what you went through, what you had to endure for so long…and how it must have looked from your perspective.' He shook his head then. 'I understand if you thought that I didn't care.'

Luke leant back, staring into his brother's face.

A silence passed between them.

'I suppose' Luke began, breaking it; 'you want to know the story from my point of view. I suppose I owe you that. You should know what happened. You should know that I always cared for you.'

'No' Cam shook his head. 'You don't need to tell me anything. I trust you completely.'

'Cam' Luke told him firmly. 'You should know. I have to tell you.'

Chapter Twenty Six

'The priest will be here?' Cam uttered.

'Yes' Miranda replied, gliding past them. 'He has reached these shores, and rides to the capital as we speak……he will arrive sometime soon. Today in fact.'

Cam glanced towards Valery, who was watching him closely, eyes wide with expectation.

'Today?' Cam mumbled, feeling suddenly in shock.

'And tomorrow' Luke told him, leaning back against the desk with his arms folded, 'you will be married as quickly as possible. Then perhaps something could be done about this dreadful council.'

Curse this dam council Luke thought, bowing his head and grimacing. What will become of us?

'You should go' he said to his brother. 'Make whatever preparations you must.'

'Right' Cam replied awkwardly. 'Right…' he shifted on the spot. 'Ok then um…let's go Valery.'

The two of them left the room. Luke and Miranda were alone now.

'Do you think he will make it?' Luke asked her.

'The priest or Cam?'

Luke glanced at his mother, uncrossing his arms and pushing himself off the wall.

'Do you think we will ever gain the upper hand?' he asked her.

'None could know.'

'Do you think we could ever get rid of the council, or at least control them like in the days when father was alive?'

'None could know' Miranda repeated again.

A flicker of irritation crossed Luke's brow, and he turned to glare at his mother.

'I think' he spoke slowly, 'I'm going to check on Cam.'

He left his mother alone in the room, stepping out into the corridor. He glanced one way, then the other, seeing in the distance Valery walking away, without Cam.

Luke felt his heart skip a beat, he scratched his palms nervously. He turned and walked the other way.

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