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   Chapter 246 No.246

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Cam straightened, turning to face her.

'I came back' he spoke flatly to her, 'but not by choice.'

'I know my words are meaningless' Miranda sighed unhappily, 'but I'm sorry. I never meant for any of this to happen.'

'I know' Cam replied meekly, turning away.

He walked away from his mother then, leaving her behind.

'You will have to excuse me' he spoke back to her without pausing, 'there is somewhere I want to be right now.'

'Go then' Miranda spoke quietly to the empty air, 'do what you must…my son.'

Cam then went to a place he had not been to since he was a child, a place that he had almost forgotten, but was once very dear to him. His father's grave.

Cam sat on the grass before the great stone slab that rested within the gardens.

He raised his head, gazing at the cold grave, its surface chilled now by the cool day.

Cam vaguely remembered the time, when he and his brother were just young children, shortly after their father had died, that they were found sleeping over the grave. Unable to sleep in their beds, and missing their father dearly, they had both come out here to visit the place he rested, sleeping on the hard stone despite the cold.

That time in which their mother had carried them back inside and given them a warm bath, was one of the few occasion in each of their lives where she had shown them any affection.

She had kissed them, and caressed them, and acted as a mother should, seeming to show genuine concern for their well being.

Cam rose to his feet, straightening; he walked slowly up to the grave, leaning over it.

He reached out to touch the stone, running his hand over the smooth surface.

'Father. It has felt like many lifetimes since we last saw each other, and I wish you were here now.' He let out a heavy breath, his eyes only half open as he stared down, blinking slowly. 'Why? Why did you have to die? Why do things have to be the way they are? Why did I have to be born a prince? Why do I have to suffer so much?'

He felt tears pricking in his eyes then, and he blinked several times to keep them back.

Being here beside the bones of his father stirred old memories within him, and he remembered the fun he and his brother had once had with their father when they were children. His father had been a king, and yet behind closed doors, he had acted more like a jester.

Cam smiled weakly as he remembered the days their father used to read them bedtime stories, one night falling beside their bed and pushing himself under the bed itself, pretending the monster beneath was eatin

g him. Another time he dressed as one of the guards, wearing full armour, sword and shield. He had given Cam and Luke their own helmets to wear, oversized as they were, and they had been pretending to be fighting a great battle, doing so around the dining table at breakfast, ignoring their mother who ate quietly with their head down, pretending they weren't there.

'We had some wonderful times together' Cam whispered to the grave. 'I only wish they had lasted a little longer…I wish you were here now, alive and well………I wish this with all my heart. I wanted us to be just a normal family, that's all I ever wanted.'

He sighed again, turning his back on the grave and leaning against it, folding his arms, head bowed.

He stayed this way for some time, until he heard approaching footsteps.

Cam opened his eyes, raising his head to the masked figure that approached.

He straightened up, unfolding his arms as the figure stopped before him.

'How is he?' Cam asked.

Reuben raised his hand, removing the mask from his face before answering.

'Your brother is fine' he said. 'It will take a while for his injures to heal. But he is alive and well, and will make a full recovery.'

Cam let out a heavy breath, relief flooding through him, as the fears and doubts that had been festering inside him all washed away.

'Thank the gods' he sighed.

Reuben turned away, glancing back at him before returning the mask to cover his face.

'Follow me' he said to Cam. 'I will take you to him.'

Cam's heart fluttered in his chest as he walked after Reuben, feeling a lump in his throat.

They walked in silence at a quickened pace, moving through the gardens towards the palace and swiftly up the many many stairs within, Cam resisting the urge to break the silence and ask about his brother.

Just stay calm he told himself over and over again. He's fine. He said he was fine; you're going to see him now.

It took them several minutes to reach the floor where Luke was, and by the time they reached the room, both Reuben and Cam were slightly out of breath.

Reuben stopped before the door, turning to Cam.

'He's here' he told him.

Cam hesitated. This was a different room to the one that Cam had left his brother in.

Reuben smiled then. 'Go on' he told Cam. 'I'm sure he's anxious to see you.'

Reuben turned and walked away without another word.

Cam stared after him, until he rounded the corner out of sight.

He turned back to the door before him, taking a deep breath to calm his nerves, before reaching out, and opening it.

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