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   Chapter 245 No.245

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Luke took yet another stop forward.

Cam cut him again. Luke stumbled, moaning in agony, clutching this new wound. But he still moved forwards.

Cam drew away; taking a step back as Luke was now only inches away, moving closer still. Luke fell forwards, leaning into Cam. He lifted his arms slowly, and embraced Cam, even through all the pain.

'This is all my fault' Luke whispered faintly to him. 'I knew you were suffering, but I didn't know how to help you….I should have done something….I had the chance….in all that time….but I did nothing.' He grimaced then, Cam felt Luke's body tense quickly as he held him, before relaxing again. 'I'm sorry Cam….' Luke whimpered, 'I'm so sorry….it's my fault you suffered so, I should have been able to do something, I should have protected you………can you ever forgive me…?'

'Luke…' Cam uttered, staring over his shoulder in shock.

'I let….' Luke began, 'I let Brioke touch me…I….tried to gain his trust….to get close to him….so he would…drop his guard…' he drew a deep shuddering breath, speaking in a whisper now. 'I couldn't bring myself to do it….even though he was evil…even though he deserved to die. I'm sorry Cam' he said, tears running down his cheeks. 'I was weak……I just couldn't…'

Cam stared down at him, wide eyed as he listened in silent shock.

'Mother…' Luke uttered, 'mother killed him….she….she is strong….stronger….than I…'

Luke's knees buckled and he collapsed, Cam crying out in alarm as he caught him.


Cam held him upright, Luke resting on his knees.

'I'm sorry' Cam sobbed, tears filling his eyes. 'I should not have done this to you…Luke!' Cam cried again as his brother slumped, he held him in his arms now.

Luke made a noise. He opened his eyes, blood streaming from his face. He smiled at his brother.

'I'm just glad….to have….' He grimaced again, closing his eyes tight before relaxing slightly, opening them again. 'I'm glad to have you by… side again… dear brother….'

'Gods what have I done?' Cam breathed, beginning to panic now as he held his brother close to him. 'It's ok' he said hastily to him, 'I'll save you, I'll get you to a healers.'

'He's bleeding out' Miranda spoke in a commanding voice from across the room as she straightened up, 'be quick if you want to save him. He may only have minutes to live.'

Cam lifted his brother in his arms, calling all around him to the

masked figures who were surely watching.

'Please don't let him die!' he hollered to the room around him. 'Please! I'll do anything!'

There was no response, and so Cam carried his brother back up the stairs out of the dungeons and to the open brightly lit corridors beyond.

'Help!' Cam cried. 'Please help him! I know you are watching. I will do anything for you to save him! Anything!'

Interlude start

'Do you hear that?' one of the masked figures said to the several around him as they stared at the monitor overhead. 'Looks like he's about to be indebted to us.'

Interlude end

'Cam' his mother spoke uncertainly, giving him a look as if she thought he had gone mad. 'What are you…?'

Cam turned to her, holding Luke in his arms, Luke who was growing evermore pale from blood loss. Cam could feel his brother's blood dampening his own clothes as he held him.

'Oh gods…' Cam shuddered through gritted teeth. 'I can't let him die….'

There was a sudden flash of light. Cam turned towards it, holding Luke close. He was not surprised at all to see the plague masked black cloaked figure with hood raised.

'Please' Cam whispered to the figure as it approached.

Behind this figure through the wall of light, followed several others just like the first.

'We need a table' the figure said.

'In that room' Miranda pointed, having composed herself somewhat at the strange sight of the figures, which had walked through a doorway of magic.

'Quickly' the figure said.

Cam hurried to the door his mother had pointed out, following her lead as she dashed ahead of him to hold the door open. He entered the room, seeing the table. Miranda swept her arms over the table, pushing everything on it to the floor. Papers and books slid, glasses smashed, but she didn't care.

Cam laid his brother upon the table, stepping back as the hooded figures surrounded him.

'Please save him' Cam whispered. 'Please save him…' he begged.

'We will do what we can' one of the masked figures replied. 'But you must leave this room.'

Cam stepped out, leaving the strange masked figures alone with Luke, praying even now for him to get better.

Please…I couldn't live with myself knowing that I'd killed him…

The door to the room closed, and Cam and his mother stood side by side in the corridor, slightly out of breath.

'So you came back then' Miranda said breaking the silence.

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