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   Chapter 244 No.244

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'You have forsaken me!' Cam cried. 'All my suffering...' he snarled, '…all my pain…' he finished quieter. 'IT WAS YOUR FALT!'

'No' Luke answered desperately, his body beginning to tremble. 'No that isn't true!'

'You left me to die' Cam snarled back at him. 'You stood and watched and did nothing while I was tied to a stake and set on fire! It was mother of all people who saved me, not you!'

'Cam listen to me!' Luke cried.

'You didn't come for me!' Cam hollered, voice breaking. 'I wanted to die, wanted to give up…but they wouldn't let me! I was force-fed for weeks….DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT'S LIKE!? I suffered nightmares…..nightmares with you in them….you were……hurting me….like….like….Brioke….'

Behind the curtain, Cam heard Luke whimper, his breath short and sharp, as he began to cry.

'I'm sorry' Luke whispered. 'I know what he did to you.'

Cam's anger only doubled.

'And you did NOTHING! I kept Brioke to myself to protect you, only to get nothing in return…I was all alone….'

'No' Luke shot back. 'No you're wrong. I tried to protect you. I didn't know all of your suffering, I didn't know they force-fed you, I tried to help in what little way I could…but…when you became king you gave the council too much power…there was little I could do! I wanted to get close to you, but with you still being hunted….that would only have put you in danger….I tried to protect you….I tried…'

'Well you failed!' Cam screamed back, gritting his teeth as his hair began to glow white again.

The air began to hum around them, growing suddenly dense and stuffy.

Suddenly there was a crack in the air, lightning itself lit the very room in a flash as Cam's skin began to glow ever brighter.

'I HATE YOU!' he screamed. 'I HATE YOU!'

'Cam please!' Luke begged.


'Cam! Listen to yourself! You're wrong!'

The curtain suddenly whipped open, controlled by the wind that Cam directed. Cam turned in his seat as far as he could, glaring at his brother.

Luke began to choke as a pressure tightened around his throat, watched by Cam snarling at his brother as he directed his magic.

Luke gasped for air, but no air would come to him.

'Please…' Luke managed to utter as the breath was forced out of him. 'Cam-'

Tears ran down Luke's cheeks as his head began to swim, close to losing consciousness.

Suddenly there came a sound of a door opening. Cam swung his hea

d around as the door bounced back off the wall, his temporary distraction unconsciously causing him to release his magic. His hair went back to black. Luke instantly drew a deep gasp, coughing and retching violently.

The twins both saw as a figure ran into the room, each was equally surprised as to who it was.

Their mother, the queen.

'Oh gods' she whispered at the sight of her sons, running first to Luke, body shaking at the sight of the blood on the floor, though she didn't shake out of fear or uncertainty or weakness of any kind, but out of anger.

'Those monsters will pay for this' she swore as she untied Luke's binds. 'If it's the last thing I ever do…I will make them pay…'

She worked quickly, freeing his wrists and ankles and the two belts around his torso, rising quickly to free Cam next. She faltered, seeing him already rising to his feet. Her eyes trailed down to the chair he had sat, seeing his binds had been slashed, as if by….

'…magic?' Miranda said. 'Cam…' she stared at him in shock. 'How did you get here?'

He didn't reply, only glared at her. He threw his hand out, and Miranda felt a force of air pushing her back away from her sons, towards the wall and out of the way. She fell against the wall, leaning back in support, and watched mutely in silent shock as events unfolded.

Luke rose from his seat, turning to face Cam.

The two stared at each other. For several seconds neither moved.

Then Luke took a step towards his brother.


He gasped in shock suddenly, as blood blossomed from his chest. Luke stared down at himself in disbelief. There was a deep gash; blood seeped from heavily from the wound.

Luke lifted his eyes again towards his brothers, who stood there passively, dangerously calm and detached.

A different person.

'Brother…' Luke uttered, stepping forward again.

He stumbled, as the next slash cut him deep in the shoulder.

Luke hunched his body over, holding himself, body tensed in pain. But he didn't stop.

He straightened, face contorted in agony, but still he took a step forward.

The next cut came across his face, the one after that across his thigh, severing a vital artery, and the next across his stomach.

But still Luke moved forwards slowly.

Cam's eye twitched in annoyance, like he was regarding Luke as nothing more than a pesky insect. Beside them, Miranda only watched in horror and disbelief.

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