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   Chapter 243 No.243

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'You know why your father died?' the masked figure said ignoring his pleas. 'He let himself become weak, let himself be destroyed by the council. They did this to him.'


'They killed him' the masked figure snarled. 'The council poisoned your father, over months, they made it look like he was sick, made it look like a natural death…but it wasn't…he could have lived…….he could have been alive now…if only he'd been strong…if only he'd not have been so naive.'

Cam's fear ebbed away, as anger began to rise inside him.

His hair turned slowly white.

'They did this' the masked figure said. 'They did this. The council. They are the cause of all your pain. They are the root of it all. They poisoned and killed your father, they hunted you like a wild animal, they did this to you…and Brioke…remember him?'

'What of Lucy?' Cam uttered, his heart beating painfully in his chest. '…is she still alive?'

'I don't know' the masked figure answered simply. 'But you won't find her trapped here like this.'

Cam remembered the dream of Lucy dying at the hands of his brother, his brother who had hurt him…like Brioke, his brother who had hurt him…by failing to protect him.

In Cam's mind now…they were one in the same.

'Luke's part of the council' Cam whispered calmly, still hearing his brothers cries of agony.

Why didn't you tell me you were a monster?

'They did this to you' the masked figure spoke to him. 'They did this. Don't wait for others to act for you. You have the power to change things now yourself.'

'But my brother…' Cam said, 'how…why…?'

'Not much of a brother is he?' the figure said. 'He let himself be put in this position. Not only did he fail to protect his you, he failed to protect even himself.'

Cam drew a slow and steady breath, eyes slowly widening.

'Life is hard in this world' the figure continued. 'If you are weak, then you perish, and if you do not have the strength to stand for what is right, not matter how difficult it might be, then others will suffer with you, because of you…….because you failed to act

'There's too much wrong in this world…' Cam breathed, '…too much hate….too much suffering…'

'You could make it better.'


'There are no others in thi

s world that have powers like yours' the masked woman told him, 'you are the first, and the only. Think of the king you might make, if only you were stronger….'

Cam slowly raises his head at this, his terror ebbing away, and turning into steady determination…and rage.

He no longer felt fear or uncertainty, but for the first time in his life, he felt surety.

'You're right' he whispered to the wall. 'I can make a difference in this world.'

There was a sudden strangled cry behind him. Blood splattered the curtain from the other side, and Luke's cries were cut short.

There was a silence in which nothing happened, and then Luke spoke, staring in shock and disbelief at the torturer before him, who was lying dead in a pool of blood, his throat slit so deep it reached the bone.

'C-Cam?' Luke said in a shaky voice. 'Cam. Are you there?'

On the other side of the curtain, Cam was unconscious. The effort of using the magic and the shock he had suffered had drained him, and now he was still, at peace, if not for a moment.

'Cam!' Luke cried. 'Answer me!'

But Cam was gone.

Chapter Twenty Five

Cam slowly returned to consciousness, though there was nothing specific that seemed to have brought him around.

Everything around him was still, and there was not a sound to be heard.

Cam lifted his head slowly, feeling the straps around his body that bound him to the chair.

He was all alone. The masked figure was nowhere to be seen. There was no-one around him, or so he first thought.

Cam heard a small sound behind him. He half-turned his head around, towards the curtain behind him.

On the other side was Luke.

'Cam?' he whispered uncertainly. 'Are…are you there?'

'I'm here' Cam replied in a dead tone.

'Oh thank the gods!' He began to laugh, a nervous and frightened laugh, as he if couldn't believe what had just happened, as if he couldn't believe he was still alive. 'Did they hurt you?' Luke asked in a shaky voice. 'Are you alright?'

'I'm fine' Cam replied shortly.

'I'm glad' Luke sighed tearful. 'I'm so glad…'

A sliver of anger coursed through Cam's body suddenly.

'Why?' he spat. 'Why are you glad?'

'What?' Luke fumbled. 'Why would you ask me that? Cam? What's wrong?'

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