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   Chapter 242 No.242

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She gasped suddenly as the sword impaled her straight through her body from behind. Cam screamed in horror, reaching towards her as Lucy was thrown to the side, dead before she hit the floor.


Cam pawed at the ground in anguish, though was unable to reach her. His eyes darted back towards the soldier who was armoured, his face covered by a helmet.

The soldier moved towards Cam, but dropped his sword deliberately, before pushing Cam onto his back, pinning him to the ground as he held his arms, and bearing over him.

Cam drew a gasp, turning his head away but keeping his eyes fixed on the soldier on top of him.

'…………Brioke….?' He whispered tentatively, fear rising within him.

The figure leant back, sitting on Cam's waist. Cam felt something tighten around his body again; it felt like…belts….

The figure sitting on top of him lifted his hand to his head, removing his helmet.

Cam gasped, seeing not Brioke's face, but Luke's again.

'Why didn't you tell me you were a monster?' Luke spoke.


'Cam?' his brother said. 'Is that you?'

He hit Cam suddenly, striking him across the face.

Cam woke abruptly, opening his eyes and staring down at his own body. The first thing he noticed was that he sat in a chair. The second thing he noticed was that he was bound to it. Straps went around his wrists and ankles, and two around his torso. His heart instantly froze as the all too familiar situation became clear to him.

'Hello Cam' said the burly torturer, the same scarred one that had hurt him before. 'It's good to see you awake, and it's good to see you again, you surely haven't forgot me.'

Cam stared wide eyed at the man, going suddenly pale. He drew a shuddering breath, mouth open and beginning to sweat.

'Try anything funny' the torturer said, 'and I will make you regret it.'

'Are you going to hurt me?' Cam whispered in a shaking voice.

'No' the man said. 'I'm going to hurt him.'

Cam tensed suddenly, glancing behind him where he expected to see a wall, instead there was a curtain, behind which was a shadow.

'Cam?' his brother's voice came again. 'Is that you?'


'Oh thank the gods' came his brothers voice. 'Thank the gods…'

Cam watched as the torturer walked around him, and slipped behind the curtain. He heard the panic in his brother's voice.

'Get away from me!' Luke spat. 'No…don't….AAAAHHHHHH!'

'Stop!' Cam cried. 'Why are you doing this?'

'You and your brother are no longer important' the torturer replied, 'which means we ca

n have our fun with you.'

'No longer important?!' Cam's mind was frantic. 'Where do the others think my brother is?!' Cam demanded.

'They think he ran away' the torturer answered simply. 'Like you…'

Luke screamed again, as his nails were ripped out one by one.

'And besides' the torturer continued casually, 'we wouldn't want anyone associated with a freak like you be to in a position of power.'

'But my brother…' Cam whimpered, '…my brother is innocent.'

'No' the torturer continued from behind the curtain. His sentence was interrupted as Luke screamed again, the terrible sound ripping into Cam as tears ran down his cheeks. 'Your brother has caused us…the council, enough problems. He will die here, like you, and the both of you will be out of our lives forever…where you will cause no more problems.'

Luke screamed yet again, his voice a strangled cry of agony.

'Please!' Cam sobbed, though he knew his words were useless.

And then he saw a plague-masked figure.

Cam didn't know it, but the figure was smiling behind her mask.

'Good morning' she said, in her female voice.

The momentary silence was broken again by Luke's voice from behind the curtain.

'Do me a favour' the masked figure said. 'Don't just sit there wallowing in your own misery. You can help yourself. If only you had the power.'

'I can't…' Cam whispered. 'I'm not strong enough.'

'That's what you'd like to think' the masked figure spoke over Luke's cries. 'You have a power, a rare gift. It's hard to face your fears, but it's better than just giving up.'

Behind them, Luke screamed again.

'You've no right to play the victim' the masked figure told him. 'You chose to be weak, this pain…it's all your fault.'

'No, I can't hurt…' Cam gasped. 'I won't use my powers for evil…I won't be evil like those that have hurt me in the past.'

The masked figure leant forwards, close to Cam's ear, brushing his skin. 'You have the power to break this cycle of cruelty, it's been going on for far too long. Your actions…your willingness to suffer, to not hurt other people; they only make you weak…not strong.'

'Please just kill me!' Cam cried out. 'I CAN'T TAKE IT ANY MORE! Don't keep me alive….just end it…I'm begging you………I've suffered too much for too long…I don't want to live anymore…every time I start to believe I am freed from it all…' he glanced up, looking towards the masked figure with wide eyes, tears streaming down his cheeks. '…It always catches up to me…' he finished in a whisper. 'I will never be free…'

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