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   Chapter 241 No.241

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It was Lucy. It was always Lucy.

'You are the only woman I will ever love' he told her, 'for as long as I live.'

He faltered suddenly then, as he saw a tear run down her cheek.

'Lucy?' he started uncertainly, pausing. 'What's wrong? I'm not hurting you am I?'

'No' she whispered to him, taking his face in her hands.

'Why are you crying?'

'Because' she said, smiling as she blinked slowly. 'I'm so happy.'

She lowered her hands, running her fingers over his shoulders, down his arms and across his chest.

'So muscular' she said. She looked up at him again. 'Don't stop' she told him. 'Don't stop…'

I love Lucy Cam thought as he continued his rhythm? but even after all this time, I don't think I will ever fully understand her.

They slept peacefully that night, Cam and Lucy side by side. But something woke Cam early on. He was not sure at first what it was, but he was filled with a sudden uncertainty.

Cam sat up, staring around him in the dark.

All seemed peaceful; all seemed quiet, until the firelight flickered in his eyes.

Cam looked through the window, staring in horror out at the forest beyond.

The dark figures of men were moving around the garden with burning torches, setting fires all around the building.

'Lucy! Get up!'

She jolted awake, sitting bolt upright.

'What?' she gasped, gazing all around then towards the window. 'Oh gods…'

'We have to go!'

They stumbled from the sofa, Cam sticking close to Lucy as they hastily dressed. He took her by the hand and pulled her from the room.

They stepped out into the corridor, glancing one way, then the other.

'Where do we go?' Lucy sobbed in fear.

Cam glanced wide eyed down one way, seeing a shadowy figure at the end of the corridor step out from around the corner. In his hand he held a long object. Cam did not spare the time to consider what it might be.

Without pause he ran in the opposite direction, dragging Lucy with him. A door opened to their side and another figure bolted towards them. Cam pulled Lucy to him, instinctively holding her tightly to him as she buried her face in his chest in fear. Cam's magic lashed out wildly, destroying everything immediately around him, including the floor they stood on.

Cam and Lucy fell to the floor below, landing in a heap of splintered and smoking wood.

'Lucy!' he cried, crawling over the wreckage towards her.

He was grabbed f

rom behind suddenly in a threatening hold, released almost the moment he was touched.

He did not know who had grabbed him, and didn't want to think of the sudden warm damp sensation across his back, the feeling of freshly spilt blood. Whoever had grabbed him, they were dead now.

Cam crawled over to Lucy, cutting himself on the sharp wood as he went.

'Lucy!' he called to her.

The fires from outside burned brightly all around them, reaching into the building itself. Cam began to cough as the smoke thickened.


'Lucy take my hand!'

People began to scream all around them as confusion and terror was sown, leaving their rooms and calling out for help from someone, anyone.

Lucy grabbed onto Cam's hand and Cam pulled her close, holding onto her.

'Cam don't leave me!'

She screamed suddenly as she was pulled away from him by a figure. Cam cried in fear, reaching out for her.

He turned hearing movement behind him, glancing around just in time to see the soldier swing the club at him.

The pain he felt was only for a split second, and then he felt nothing.

Chapter Twenty Four


Came felt himself being shaken awake.


That voice again Cam thought, furrowing his brow at the disturbance.

He was so tired, pain that had become as familiar to him as an old friend was throbbing at the back of his consciousness.


Cam opened his eyes suddenly, drawing a sharp breath as he jerked awake. It took him a few seconds for his sight to clear as he blinked rapidly, and he saw a red haired figure leaning over him.

He tilted his head as he lay there; squinting at the figure who gradually became clearer.

'Lucy!' he cried sitting up and embracing her.

'Tie him down tight' Lucy said. 'Make sure he doesn't move.'

'I was so worried' Cam sobbed, tears running down his cheeks. 'I thought…I thought that you might have…oh gods…' he held her tighter, breathing in her sweet scent. 'I love you so much' Cam whispered into her shoulder, feeling a tightening pressure around his wrists and ankles. 'You're the only person I've ever truly loved, one of the few people in my life who has ever treated me with kindness.'

'Oh Cam' Lucy smiled. 'Cam…'

She was pulled back from him suddenly, Cam gasping in shock as he saw the soldier behind her, a soldier with Luke's face, holding Lucy tightly in his grasp.

'Cam!' Lucy cried. 'Help me!'

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