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   Chapter 240 No.240

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'I um…drunk…some things…last night.'

'You mean you got drunk?'

'Yeah' Cam answered reluctantly.

This was all that James said to him, but Cam got the impression he knew more than he let on.

'Sit with me' James smiled warmly.

Cam sat cross-legged on the rock beside him, the water in the stream trickled quietly nearby.

'Have the meditations been helping?' James asked him. 'Are you able to control your powers a little better?'

'I don't know' Cam replied shifting where he sat. 'It's hard to say…but…I feel a lot better……I think…'

'Did you hear that?' the soldier whispered to his companion.

'Yes' the leading man said. 'So he is unable to control his own magic…even now.'

They watched Cam and James a short distance away, completely concealed in the foliage and wild bushes that grew all around.

'We have an advantage here' the leading man continued in a hushed voice, frowning to himself, deep in thought.

'When do we attack?' the second man mumbled.

'Tonight' the other man replied, 'when night falls and we have the cover of darkness.' He narrowed his eyes. 'We will surround the place. He will be caught off guard…and will have nowhere to run.'

Later that evening, Cam went to one of the quiet rooms within the manor, to be alone and to read in silence. It was late, and the building was still. There was no one else about. Almost.

There came a knock at the door. Cam tensed suddenly, glancing over towards it.

He hesitated briefly before rising and making his way across the room, opening the door to find Lucy standing there.

'I…' she began tentatively, 'I wanted to see you again.'

Cam stared at her in shock for several seconds, frozen, and then he forced himself to speak.

'W-would you like to come in?' he asked, heart leaping to his throat.

She smiled; stepping forwards as Cam moved back to give her space to enter.

He closed the door after her, palms suddenly sweating.

'Why don't we have a drink?' Cam suggested nervously, unsure of what else to say.

'No' Lucy spoke, louder than perhaps she intended. She let out a slow breath, dipping her head slightly before speaking again. 'I want to be myself when I experience this.'

Cam hesitated, staring into her eyes.

She did not break her gaze away from his, and so he moved closer, reading the signs.

He ran his hand along her jaw line; turning her head gently up to his as he leant down to kiss her.

Lucy's hands moved up his body, and he walked forwards, pushing her gently back until her body pressed against the wall behind her.


am ran his hand beneath her chin as she tilted her head back; he trailed his kisses slowly down her neck, the way she had shown him. His hand slid around her waist and he pulled her to him sharply, Lucy grasping onto his forearms as his grip became more forceful.

'Lucy' he breathed into her shoulder. 'I love you.'

'Oh Cam' she whispered back.

He pulled her away from the wall, turning and pushing her gently back onto the sofa.

Lucy lay on her back, staring up at Cam and breathing deeply as he leant over her. Cam gazed down at her, his breath slow and steady.

He leant back, straightening and unbuttoning his shirt. Lucy waiting simply watched as Cam slipped the shirt down his shoulders, leaning over Lucy again. He took Lucy by the hand, pressing her palm against his chest.

Lucy felt his heartbeat, the rhythmic pounding in his chest.

The firelight from the hearth nearby flickered in his eyes as his hand pressed against hers, holding her hand to his chest.

'You're so beautiful' Lucy breathed, 'so handsome...'

Cam still holding her by the hand puller her up suddenly into a sitting position, his other hand slipped around her back, and he untied her dress from behind. The garment fell down her shoulders.

'It's alright' he whispered to her gently. 'We won't be disturbed here.'

Lucy moved back along the sofa, allowing the dress to slip off her body as she went. Cam kissed her again, resting his body against hers and feeling her soft skin as his hand moved up her waist, caressing her chest as Lucy ran her fingers through his hair.

Her wandering hands moved along his skin and down his back until they reached his belt.

Her hand snaked around his waist as she reached for his buckle.

Cam leant back, gazing deeply into her eyes.

He straightened, unbuckling his belt.

He bore down on her again; trousers discarded lay on the floor. He kissed her, as he leant over her; his hand strayed down her body and between her legs.

Lucy drew a sharp intake of breath as he slipped his fingers in. Lucy moaned as he began to work.

After a time he kissed her again, moving his hand around the back of her knee and lifting her leg up.

She moaned again as he moved his pelvis. She wrapped her arms around the back of his neck as he thrust inside her. His breath quickened, his skin beaded with sweat in the warm room.

Was this was it was to truly love someone, to willingly give yourself to someone, and to have them love you and want you in return? He didn't know. At least he thought he didn't know, not until now.

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