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   Chapter 239 No.239

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'I don't know' she spoke slowly.

'And what about the elements? Why do people say that there are only four elements? Fire, earth, wind and water. What about light and dark? Are those not elements?'

Lucy took another slow sip from her glass.

'I think the elements light and dark have been ostracised' Cam grumbled. 'It's really not fair.'

'Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a whale?' Lucy spoke up.

Cam lowered his glass, gazing blearily into the room.


'I wonder where they go when we don't see them. I've heard stories of the ocean being so deep…that there are places the sun's light can't even reach...'

'Woah…' Cam mumbled. 'That's pretty deep.'

'Do you think that's where they go' Lucy asked him, 'all the whales?'


'What about the dolphins? Do you think they go down there too?'

'Maybe it's nice down there' Cam thought aloud.

'Do you think there are underwater cities down there, where it's so deep…there is no light?'

'Now that's a thought…' Cam murmured.

'What if…what if……there are mermaids down there?'

Cam glanced sideways at Lucy, sighing at her dreamily.

'You would make the most gorgeous mermaid' he said to her.

'Do you really think so?'

'Definitely' Cam agreed, speaking with surety. 'You would have a really long tail…with a huge tail, and scales that are yellow like the sun…and blue…they would glisten like jewels.'

'Oh' Lucy sighed. 'I sound to pretty….'

'I never said goodbye to my father' Cam spoke suddenly forlorn.

'No' Lucy moaned. 'Me neither.'

Cam looked at her. 'We should have sex.'

'What?' Lucy asked. 'Right here……right now?'

'Shhh' Cam put his finger to his lips. 'I won't tell anyone.'

'I've liked you for a long time' Lucy told him. 'You're so handsome. You were like a ghost to me, like a legend…so mysterious and strange…like a mythical creature.'

'It's ok' Cam said rising wobbly to his feet. 'I know what I'm doing….we should stand up for this…'

'Ok' Lucy whispered, pushing herself into a stand also.

Cam tripped then, falling forwards and into Lucy. Together the both of them fell back onto the bed, rolling to the side off the edge and falling back to the floor with Lucy on top of Cam, who was cackling hysterically.

The next morning, Cam woke with a pounding headache.



His body was aching all over where he had been sleeping on the hard wooden floor, and his muscles felt stiff.

He sat up, finding the thin blanket from the bed covering half his body, and looking down, he saw with shock that he was completely naked underneath.

He whipped around, hearing movement to his side, and stared wide eyed at Lucy as she sat up right next to him, her shoulders naked like his.

She clutched the blankets to her before they fell further down her chest, staring at him in equal surprise.

'…Morning' she managed.

'Yeah' Cam replied levelly. 'M-morning.'

'Listen' Lucy began, '…did we…?'

'I think we did.'



Lucy glanced about her, looking for her clothes as Cam turned away, hand upon his aching head.

That the gods that's over…

'I need to get dressed' Lucy spoke quietly.

'Right' Cam fumbled, hastily averting his eyes. He stared intently at the floor beside him, listening as Lucy rose to a stand, hearing her bare feet pad across the room.

She dressed quickly, speaking to Cam who still watched the floor.

'I should go' she said. 'I…um…my head hurts…'

'Yeah' Cam said to her, finally looking her way. 'Mine too.'

'Right…ok um……bye.'

Cam tensed suddenly, calling out to her before she left.


Lucy paused, glancing back at him in surprise. She lingered in the doorway, hand on the doorknob.

'I…I had fun last night…and yesterday…at least…I-I think I did…I mean…I don't really remember…' he bit his tongue then, struggling to find his words. 'What I'm trying to say is…I don't regret anything…I'm glad we…' he bowed his head. 'I'm sorry' he whispered.

'It's ok' she smiled. It looked as if she were about to say more, but then she dipped her head.

'I have to go' she mumbled. 'I'm sorry…'

Lucy left swiftly, closing the door after her with a snap. Cam stared after her, feeling worry in his heart.

Did I do everything right? Have I offended her? Oh gods…what if she thinks I've taken advantage of her?

Cam pushed his blankets away, finding his own clothes and getting dressed quickly.

I hope I didn't do anything wrong…

Later that morning, Cam met with James at the secret spring where they would meditate together.

'Are you alright Cam?' James asked him the moment he appeared. 'You look like hell.'

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