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'My family…' Lucy began reluctantly, '…well……they're gone………there's just me left…….'

Cam stared at her wide eyed as she spoke.

'I thought…' Lucy went on, 'that I would have a normal life…that nothing much would ever change…or at least not this drastically….not like this…'

'Yeah' Cam mumbled, in a voice barely audible. 'I knew I would never have a normal life……but I never thought things would have turned out to be like this…surely father…' he broke off suddenly, eyes glazing over.

The wind rustled the leaves and grasses around them, and there was a sudden chill in the air.

'Do you think there's an afterlife?' Cam spoke suddenly out of the blue.

'I don't know' Lucy answered quietly, 'I mean…I hope so…' She smiled sadly. 'We will all find out in the end…'

From a distance, completely hidden by the cover of the trees and bushes, a group of soldiers watched him.

'Why don't we attack now?' one asked. 'He's right there. We have him right where we want him.'

The leading man lowered his telescope, pushing it together between his hands and shrinking it in size.

'No' he said. 'We have to watch him first. We must know what he is capable of before we attack. You saw the damage he caused at the palace.'

The other soldier looked ahead again, the others behind waited in silence. There were tens of them.

'I wonder who the girl is?' one of them said.

'What's going to happen in the future?' Lucy asked him. 'Will you go back to being king someday?'

Cam fell silent, pondering the thought for a moment.

'No' he said at last. 'I never want to go back there. Not ever. More than anything I want to live a life as a normal person, not as a king…not as royalty. I want to……I want to……' he narrowed his eyes in thought. 'I want to be a normal man. I want to work on a farm…own a small house…have some horses…sheep, chickens…maybe a dog. I don't want……I don't want to……'

Lucy watched him silently.

'I want to live with you' Cam spoke suddenly, turning to her. 'I've……loved you…for a long time………' he looked away quickly, biting his tongue.

Lucy rose from where she sat; reaching out to him she took him by the hand, pulling him to his feet.

'Perhaps we can share something special together' she whispered to him.

She lifted her eyes up to his. She was so beautiful, so perfect. The way she moved, the way she talked, the way her hair

curled, the shape of her lips.

Cam felt his stomach knot and his heart constrict. He let out a slow breath and moved closer to her. He lifted a hand, caressing her cheek tenderly.

She did not draw away, did not tense, but continued to stare into his eyes deeply.

Cam lifted his other hand, cupping her face.

She raised her head as Cam bowed his forehead to hers, leaning forward to kiss her.

Their lips touched. Cam closed his eyes as he felt her close to him, running his hands down her neck and grasping her shoulders lightly, prolonging the moment.

They broke apart, Lucy drawing a deep breath. And then she smiled.

She turned her back on him, skipping away. Cam was terrified for a moment he had done something wrong, but then she turned back to him, eyes trailing down his body before returning to his face. She smiled briefly at him, and then made off again. Cam realised she wanted him to follow her. And so he did.

Interlude start

In the control room in the other world, staring at the monitor, Vergil and Isami watched Cam and Lucy as they spoke, and saw them as they shared their first kiss. They watched in complete silence, neither moving, neither speaking.

They did not react, only watched.

Interlude end

Lucy and Cam spent the rest of that day together, returning to his room when it began to grow late.

'Why don't we have a drink?' Cam suggested nervously, closing the door behind him and staring at her.

'Alright' she said a little flustered. 'What have you got?'

Cam snuck quietly downstairs to the kitchen, grabbing several bottles of wine, a glass for each of them, and taking them back up to his room, back to Lucy, who waited for him.

They talked and laughed together, and when the drinks began to go to their heads, they drew a little closer.

'You're so beautiful' Cam said for the hundredth time. 'I've always thought so…even when I was young.'

Lucy giggled childishly back at him, cheeks red as she hiccupped.

'No' she said to him. 'You're pretty.'

He giggled back at her.

They sat for a time on the floor with their drinks beside them, talking.

'Why do people say…' Cam mumbled, 'that we only have five senses? Sight, touch, feel, smell, hearing, taste. What about the ability to know if you're upside down? What do you call that?'

Lucy cocked her head, her orange hair falling over her face.

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