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   Chapter 237 No.237

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'Hey' she said to him shyly, tucking a strange of her orange hair behind an ear.

'Hey' he said back to her, grasping the book tighter in his hands.

The last time they had met, Lucy had been called away by a healer. She met with this healer often, who had helped Lucy mend her psychological pain, and helped her cope with the trauma of seeing her family killed.

But Lucy would not be seeing this healer today. Today, she and Cam could spend their time alone together, all day.

'What's that book you're reading?' Lucy asked him.

'Oh' Cam said, looking down at it. He had brought it with him to help calm his nerves. He had not intended to read it, but just holding it helped sooth him. 'It's about angels and ghouls' Cam answered.

'Ghouls?' Lucy repeated with a questioning look. 'I don't know what they are.'

'They…' Cam looked away, '…feed on human flesh. They need to…to survive. They look just like humans; they live amongst us…but are different.'

'Are they real?' Lucy asked him curiously.

'No' Cam smiled, putting the book down on the bench beside him. 'They are just stories.'

Lucy sighed, gazing about them at the garden around.

'I suppose this is my home now' Lucy murmured, hugging herself and swaying from side to side. She looked back at him, considering him. 'I thought that I would never see you again' she said. 'I thought that you had become nothing but a memory…that you would stay that way…'

'I thought the same of you' Cam answered quietly, looking up at her and meeting her gaze. 'I never forgot you…but I thought I would never see you again after….' He trailed off, and his eyes dropped to the ground.

'What happened to you?' Lucy asked him tentatively. 'You were supposed to be king.'

Cam looked up at her again reluctantly.

'Why?' she uttered. 'Why are you here when you should be at home in your palace, ruling your kingdom?'

Cam smiled sadly then, turning away and laughing humourlessly.

'Oh Lucy…' he sighed. 'I don't even know when it began to go wrong. Was it when I became king? When my father died? Or even way before that? I was just a child then…I didn't know what was happening in the kingdom. I don't even know what killed my father…whether or not it was natural…or if someone murdered him. I have no idea…even now.'

He looked back at her, meeting her gaze again.

'They turned against me' Cam breathed, 'when they saw me use my magic. I ran from them, they ordered men to pursue men,

to hunt me down…'

Cam remembered the horse falling from underneath him. He remembered jumping from the waterfall, swimming through the waters and climbing from the pool below back onto land. He grasped his neck then, remembering being jerked back suddenly as the cloak he had worn caught on a rock as he tried to flee.

'They hunted me down!' Cam said, his voice breaking suddenly as his body began to tremble. 'They hunted me down! Like a criminal…like an animal…'

His hand went to his forehead, covering his eyes as he shook.

No! You will not touch me again!'

'I remember' Cam whispered, 'I remember everything now…as vividly as if it had just happened only a moment ago. 'I remember my skin beginning to glow…being found by a gypsy traveller…Durril…and then there was the family that cared for me. Joe, Beatrice…their sons Henry and Wallace….and Elaina….' Tears began to well in his eyes. 'I loved her…I loved Valery…and…my brother…oh gods………where is he now…where are they all now?' he clamped his hand over his mouth, biting into his hand hard to try to control himself. 'They tried to kill me…they found me and brought me back to the palace…they…tortured me…they tortured me……the council condemned me to death…'

Lucy grasped his face then, forcing his chin upwards. She stared deep into his eyes, with tears in her own.

'Forget about the pain of the past' she whispered to him, her eyes wide and unblinking. 'It's over. We move forward now…together.'

Cam's face contorted in pain and grief then, and Lucy leant forwards to embrace him. He held her back. Her skin felt so soft, her scent so pure. He noticed suddenly his own skin beginning to glow then, turning his head away and burying his face into Lucy's shoulder he closed his eyes, holding her ever tighter, as his hair turned white.

'Did you mean what you said?'

Cam glanced towards Lucy. Some time had passed; they had walked through the garden to another spot, Cam leaving his book behind. They sat now by a pool, watching the fish glide lazily through the water as the fountain at the back rained constantly gentle drops onto the surface of the pool.

'Mean what?' Cam asked her.

'When you said that you loved me?'

Cam looked away.

'Oh Cam' she sighed unhappily. 'You haven't changed…not since that frightened little boy I first met all those years ago…you are still the same Cam.'

Cam looked back at her, and was shocked to see that she was crying silent tears.

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