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   Chapter 236 No.236

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'Lucretia' he said. 'So it was you I saw through the window.'

She turned to face him, sitting up straight upon a rock. Around her were several more exactly the same.

'Castello' she said back to him in a monotone. 'It's you.'

He considered her for a moment, looking deep into her eyes.

'What's wrong?'

'I've done so much' she mumbled, speaking as if to herself and not looking at him. 'I've done so much more than I ever thought possible, I've reached the top……there is nowhere to go from here...nothing left to do…'

'What are you saying?' Castello asked her.

'I want to die' Lucretia said. 'I've done everything I ever wanted, and more……there is no reason for me to live anymore.'

He watched her in silence, saying nothing.

'You've always been good to me' Lucretia spoke up, looking him in the eye at last. 'I never thanked you for that.'

Castello gave her a level expression.

'Could you do it?' Lucretia asked him. 'I want it to be you.'

'Why?' he asked her. 'Why do you want to die?'

Lucretia sighed wearily, looking suddenly very tired.

'I thought there was more to life' she told him. 'I thought there was a meaning to life…that there was a god…that there was simply more out there………but….' She bowed her head. 'I've found nothing.'

Castello did not move. He continued to watch her silently.

'Please' Lucretia said to him. 'I want this.'

'Only if you're sure' Castello replied at last.

'Yes' Lucretia whispered. 'I am sure.'

Castello moved closer to her, placing his hand upon her head.

'I shall never forget you' he said to her, as she lifted her eyes up to him.

He summoned his magic to him, reaching into her mind and body.

Seconds later, her body went limp and she slumped forwards, Castello caught her before she fell, holding her in his arms.

'Go now' he whispered, 'to the next place, to the afterlife……if such a thing exists.'

Interlude end

'I've loved you the very moment I first saw you!' Cam blurted. He froze suddenly, staring in shock at the ground, realising what he had just said. 'I-I mean…' Cam hastened, pushing her away gently. 'I mean…oh gods…it's just….' He half turned away. His hand went to his face, touching his forehead. 'I remember meeting you for the first time when we were young' he whispered. 'I remember thinking how pretty you were, and then…years later…' I shouldn't be s

aying this he thought frantically to himself. Shut up shut up. 'I saw you in the gardens…' Cam continued, 'you used to go there often. I used to watch you….you….you….'

'You were that boy' Lucy uttered, as the pieces fell into place. 'That boy in the tower….' Her expression dampened. 'You always looked so sad…'

She remembers me! Cam thought with disbelief.

'Cam…' Lucy gasped suddenly, taking several steps back. 'Your hair!'

Cam started then, hand going to his hair.

It was turning white.

No! Cam thought desperately. Not now! Please!

'Stop' he groaned angrily to himself, speaking through gritted teeth and grasping his head with both hands. 'Please stop!'

Lucy drew a slow breath, watching as Cam slowly straightened, hands falling to his side. He turned and faced Lucy properly now.

His hair was pure white, his skin was glowing and his clothes had lightened and shone now until they too were almost pure white.

Cam stood there with his arms open, staring down at himself before looking up again at Lucy.

Lucy's hands had gone to her mouth. She lowered them, eyes wide in disbelief at what she was seeing.

'You're beautiful' she breathed.

'What…?' Cam whispered uncertainly.

'You're like…' Lucy whispered, 'like…' she drew a deep breath. 'An angel…'

Cam blinked at her.

Lucy drew tentatively closer. Reaching out to take his hand in hers, lifting it and weaving her fingers through his.

She stared at him a moment longer, before stepping closer again, leaning into him until their bodies touched.

She embraced him slowly, arms wrapping around his body and holding him close, resting with her cheek against his shoulder.

Cam stared down at her in shock. The light began to fade, as the magic ebbed away, and his hair returned back to black.

He embraced her in turn, feeling warmth inside.

Cam was happy.

Chapter Twenty Three

A day passed, and Cam sat nervously in the garden, hugging the book to his chest, butterflies fluttering in his stomach.

His shoulders rose as he drew a slow breath.

He glanced at the sundial to his side, before looking around him, then back at the floor, then at the sundial again. He and Lucy had agreed to meet at this place at a certain time. He was worried for a moment that she would not appear, but when the moment came, Cam could not hold back the smile from his face.

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