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Cam jerked awake suddenly, body trembling and dripping with sweat.

He let out a sigh, pushing back the sheets and sitting up, hugging his knees to his chest, head buried in his arms.

He torments me even in death… Cam thought miserably. Will this ever go away…?

He left his bed early that morning, eating breakfast quickly and going outside into the gardens. It was where he spent most of his time nowadays. It was summer at this time, and the weather was fine almost every day. On this day, just like many before, the sky was clear, and the air even this early in the morning, was warm and comfortable.

Cam stared down at the open book on his lap before him, reading it quickly. He had found very early on in his life that he was a quick reader, reading and finishing several books a day some days. Back in the days when he was trapped in that palace all alone, with no one for company, back in the days when all he had were his books to distract him from his misery. He would spend hours in the libraries hiding from others, so engrossed was he. The books were filled with so many wonderful stories and adventures, and he grew to love them so very much. What wonderful things he had learnt in their pages.

The book he read now was a love story. A story between a powerful knight, and a lowly servant girl, the story was called Bertolt and Sookah. They lived in a time where class meant everything; and the knight and servant girl were worlds apart. Throughout the story they would meet time and again as certain events brought them together and closer to one another. The knight would be injured in a fight, and the servant girl would be there to heal him. The servant girl would get into trouble, and the knight would be there to protect her. Over time the knight learnt to overcome his arrogance and see past the end of his nose, as his feelings became clear to him. The servant girl in turn, overcame her stubbornness and finally admitted her feelings to him.

Cam was just reading the part when the knight was holding the servant girl in his arms, caressing her ever so tenderly. The wind in the meadow around them was strong, and the skirt of the dress the servant wore whipped around her ankles as she gazed up at him, with love and adoration in her eyes.

'Bertolt…' she uttered, 'I….I love….'


Cam started suddenly, alarmed by the voice his eyes darted up and he saw Lucy standing there before him.

'Oh!' he hastened. 'I…I mean…morni


Oh gods it her…she's right in front of me! What do I do?!

He rose too quickly, hitting his head on the branch above him, hunched over in agony he clutched his head his both his hands

Lucy giggled at his clumsy reaction, reaching down to pick up the book that had fallen from his lap as he stood.

'Here' she smiled, offering it to him.

Cam glanced at it, snatching it from her and turning away angrily.

'I'm sorry' she whispered, hand going to her mouth. 'I didn't mean to laugh…'

Cam glanced back at her, only to see her still sniggering. He turned back to her, cheeks red, as Lucy calmed herself, straightening.

'Bertolt and Sookah' Lucy said reading the cover of the book. 'I like that story.'

'You do?' he asked her tentatively, trying hard to forget his clumsiness and to take her mind off it too.

'Yes' she replied. 'I…I've more time now to read the books I love, more time than I did before…before…' she trailed off then, Cam tilted his head at her.

'What are you doing here?' he asked her. 'How did you get here?'

She turned away from him suddenly, bowing her head.

'I'm sorry' Cam said hastily, feeling suddenly unsure of himself. Damit did I say something wrong? 'I didn't mean to say anything bad.'

Lucy turned back to him, embracing him suddenly and crying into his shoulder.

'My family were murdered' she sobbed. 'I just miss them so much…!'

Interlude start

Castello stood at the window, leaning forwards upon the sill and staring out at the world before him. There was no wind, not on this day, not on any day, not ever.

Castello scratched at the white stone with a nail, eyes distant and out of focus.

Here he remained for the longest time, until he suddenly noticed something. A shape in the distance, he had to strain his eyes to see, but he saw that it was a person, one of the eight. One of their own.

He couldn't tell who it was at this distance. Perhaps half an hour or so passed before he straightened. He wasn't sure how long exactly; time was not relevant in this world.

Castello left the building, moving slowly across its large white halls and outside to the bright world beyond.

He walked along the winding stone path that led away from the white building, the grass either side of him was tall and utterly still, every blade of grass the exact same length, the exact same width.

It took him several minutes to reach the figure, and when he did, he saw clearly now who it was.

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