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   Chapter 234 No.234

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'Good?' Cam turned to her. 'How can it be good?'

The two of them stood in the shadows of a grape vine, watching the red haired figure from a safe distance.

'You get a fresh start. A chance to make a first impression…all over again.'

'First impression?' Cam turned away from her sourly. 'I've already ruined that.'

'You've spoken to her?'

'Not really…sort of……no.'

'You stuttered didn't you.'

It was phrased as a statement, not a question.

Cam clenched his fists, looking away and glaring at the floor angrily.

'That won't matter to her' Malina said, 'not if you show her who you really are.'

'Do you really think that's true?' Cam mumbled.

'Of course.'

'What if…what if…' Cam took a deep breath. 'What if she doesn't feel for me…what I feel for her?'

'You can't make someone love you' Malina said to him. 'What will be, will be. She will either love you, ' she paused, 'or she will not. But…' she smiled slyly to him, 'you've told me that in the past she admitted feelings for you.'

'That was a long time ago.'

Malina looked away, standing with a hand upon her hip.

'There is only one way to know' she told Cam. 'Speak to her.'

'I'm afraid to.'

Malina looked back at him. 'If she is truly the one for you, then she will accept you the way you are.' She paused. 'You have to at least try. It's better to have tried and failed…than to give up before you've even begun.'

And with that, she walked away from him, without a backwards glance.

Cam watched her go reluctantly, wishing for a moment that she would stay, before looking away again and back towards Lucy.

Malina's last words echoed in his head.

He took a deep breath, trying in vain to calm his racing heart.

He walked forwards.

Lucy, who had been sketching on a small pad, glanced up at him as he approached.

In his heart Cam baulked, wishing in his mind to be somewhere else, anywhere else. He experienced a sudden pain in his chest, which he ignored, and his palms began to sweat.

No he said to himself, forcing himself to move onwards. I have to do this. If I don't do it now, I never will.

He stopped before Lucy, heart pounding in his throat. She stared up at him curiously, looking a bit confused. Cam swallowed the lump in his throat, scratching his itchy palms.


She straightened up, putting down her drawing pad and pencil.

'Hello' she replied.

Cam could hear the blood rushing in

his ears.

'I…my name is Cam.'

'I'm Lucy.'

She stared at him, and Cam suddenly realised she was waiting for him to speak.

'I like your drawing.'

'Oh.' Lucy glanced down at it. 'It's not very good. I don't draw all that much, but…I was bored.'

'Do you like flowers?'

'Yes' Lucy replied. 'They are very beautiful. This garden…' she looked about her, 'it is very beautiful….'

Cam reached to the bush beside him, plucking a flower from its place and offering it to her.

'Thank you' Lucy said taking it. And then she smiled.

Cam's heart skipped a beat.

She smiled! She actually smiled! Oh gods does that mean she's happy? Did I do something right?

'I should go' he said hastily. 'It was nice to see you…and thank you.'

He hurried off without another word, not giving her a chance to speak, not even looking back at her. He met Malina seconds later.

'I made her smile' Cam whispered hurriedly to her, feeling inside elated and happy.

'Good' Malina replied, sighing with relief. 'I have taught you everything I can. Now it's up to you.'

'Thank you' Cam said taking both her hands in his. 'Thank you…for everything you've taught me……you've really helped. I feel…' he began to tremble then, not in fear, but in excitement, '…I feel I can really do this…'

Malina grinned widely at him. She took her hands from his grasp, cupping his face and kissing him one last time, before whispering in his ear.

'Goodbye…' she said. 'Cameron…'

She turned and drifted away. Cam would never see her again.

He pressed his fingers lightly to his lips, still feeling her touch there, a sensation that had come to feel so natural to him.

Cam glanced behind him once, staring at the spot in the distance where Lucy sat, though now she was hidden from view.

He felt giddy, excited, and young again. He wanted to throw his hands in the air and cry out for joy.

Instead, he took a steady breath, forcing himself to calm, before walking away.

Give her time he thought. That's what Malina taught me…just give her time…

That night, can suffered terrible dreams again.

Brioke reached forwards, running his fingers through Cam's hair, he gripped him tightly suddenly, slamming Cam's head into the mirror. Cam stumbled back, crying out in pain as the glass cut his eyes. Brioke grabbed him again, shoving him back and down the stairs nearby. Cam lost his footing and fell, hitting his head on the way down.

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