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   Chapter 233 No.233

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How much can James really do for me?

Early the next morning, Cam met James in a secluded area of land a short distance from the manor. It was a steep slope where a set of stairs had been cut out of the rock, leading to a secret garden below where a natural spring ran. Cam parted a wall of ivy before him, stepping through the archway, where he found James waiting for him. The man smiled to him.

'This is Andrew's secret garden' James told him. 'Very few people know about this.'

'Why are you telling me about it then?' Cam asked. 'I had no idea this was here until now.'

James smiled again, sitting down upon one of the flat rocks. The water of the stream running gently by him within arm's reach.

'Come' James said to him. 'Sit with me.'

The muscles in Cam's face twitched. He took a tentative step forward, and sat upon the rock beside James where he indicated.

Cam sat with his back straight and legs crossed. James turned to regard him.

'I don't know anything about your powers' James began, 'I didn't even know magic existed until you showed me, but…' he faced ahead again, 'I can show you how to reach the deeper parts of your mind.'

'Deeper parts?' Cam echoed. 'I don't understand.'

'You need to learn self-control' James told him. 'You need to learn to clear your mind, to simply let go of your troubles. You can cure yourself of many illnesses' James smiled to him, tapping a finger to his temple; '…it's all in the mind.'

'But how?' Cam lamented. 'There is so much that troubles me…so much I fear.'

'There is nothing here that can hurt you' James told him sternly.'

'The only thing that is hurting you now…is yourself.'

Cam dipped his head ever so slightly.

'Close your eyes' James whispered to him. 'I want you to be awake inside…without being aware of anything except awareness itself…just relax….and breath slowly.'

Cam let out a deep and heavy sigh, closing his eyes.

Everything was so still and peaceful around him, already he felt some of the tension leave his body.

'Once you learn to control your own mind better' James spoke to him, 'perhaps you can learn to control your magic…'

Here they stayed for hours as the day wore on around them, and as the sky began to grow dark, James broke Cam from his trance.

'Good Cam' he said to him, 'very good. How do you feel?'

Cam opened his eyes, blinking several times.

'I feel….' he breathed, '…at ease…'

'You've done well today' Jame

s said to him quietly. He smiled warmly then.

'You should go back to the manor now.'

'What about you?'

'I stay here quite late' James confessed. 'I like to be alone with my thoughts. It takes me away from all the bad that I know of this world.'

Cam nodded once at this. 'I understand.'

'I will see you again in the morning' James said to him. 'Goodnight Cam' he said turning away.

Cam lingered, watching him for a moment longer, before walking away, heading back up the steps and towards the manor.

When he reached his room, he found Malina there waiting for him.

He lay her back on the bed, moving his hand between her legs as she kissed him.

He pushed into her, moving constantly in a gentle rhythm, holding her close and caressing her.

When Cam had finished, he pulled away, kneeling before Malina as she sat up facing him.

A short time later, they began to talk.

'When you kiss her for the first time' she told him, 'don't make it a surprise; let her know its coming. Move close to her like this.'

Malina reached a hand slowly towards him, caressing his cheek tenderly, before leaning forwards, kissing him softly.

Cam felt her lips upon his, her gentle touch, her sweet aroma.

Malina leant back again smiling. She took Cam's hand, placing it between her legs.

'Show me' she said to him. 'Show me what you have learned.

They lay on the bed together afterwards; Malina huddled against Cam, resting her head upon his chest. Anyone who might have seen them may have thought that the two were a couple. But they shared no feelings for one other; everything between them was purely physical.

Cam lay on his back, staring up at the ceiling, holding Malina to him as she smiled.

'I think…' she spoke slowly, '…you are ready.'

The next morning, Cam met with James again in the hidden part of the garden. When he left several hours later, he felt freer, his mind clear.

On his way back to the manor, he found Malina, waiting for him in the garden.

The two began to talk, wandering slowly through the grounds. It wasn't long before they saw Lucy in the distance, sitting upon a bench with her back to them. It was a beautiful day, and she often spent many hours sitting in the sun reading, but today, she was sketching.

'I don't think she remembers me' Cam said to her Malina sadly as they watched Lucy.

'Well that's alright' Malina replied, looking across the gardens towards her, 'good even.'

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