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   Chapter 232 No.232

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'Yes!' Cam said eagerly. 'I want that more than anything.'

'I can teach you' Malina said. 'I can teach you how to love a woman, teach you about body language, how to act around women, what they are expecting to hear from you.' She paused for a moment before continuing. 'Women are harder to please sexually than men' she told him. 'I will teach you many things I'm sure you do not know.'

'How?' Cam asked desperately. 'How do I make her love me?'

'That's your first mistake there' she told him quickly. 'You cannot make a woman love you. Love blooms if there is chemistry. A woman may grow to love a man in time, or she may never love him at all. The same goes for men towards women.'

'And?' Cam asked. 'How do I make her happy?'

'Little things' Malina told him. 'They are the things that truly matter. You must always be there for her, listen to her and remember what she says. And give her space, a man that is too forward is undesirable, if a woman wants you, she will let you know.'

'More' Cam hastened. 'I want to know more.'

'Tell her how you feel.'

'About what?'

'Anything. Everything. Communication is very important to a woman; she wants to know what you're thinking. Remember, a good relationship is based on communication. Without communication there is no trust. Now what else?' she paused in thought. 'Tell her how much you love her, tell her she is beautiful, and above all…be a gentleman.'

Cam took a deep breath, calming his heart which began to beat painfully in his chest at the thought of Lucy.

'How do I begin talking to her?' Cam asked. 'Where do I begin…what do I say?'

'Find something you have in common with her' Malina told him. 'Begin there.'

'I feel I am way in over my head' he confessed, staring at the ground. 'It almost seems too much for me to handle.'

'Don't worry' Malina told him with a smile, 'it might seem scary at first, but it will become easy enough. Just give it time. Now' she said, moving closer, 'I'm here, to teach you how to please a woman physically.'

Cam's palms began to sweat, and his heart began to race.

'Seduce me' she told him.

He swallowed the lump in his throat.

'Do you know how?'

'No…I mean…I…I've never…I don't.'

'It's alright' Malina told him. 'I know you're nervous, it's natural to be.' She took his hand gently, leading him over to the b

ed. 'If you want to love Lucy, you have to learn how to please her. With that I can help you.'

'Alright' Cam said, feeling a sudden sense of unreality at the strangeness of the situation, and how suddenly things had changed.

'I will lead tonight' she told him, 'it will give us a chance to get to know each other.'

Cam allowed her to gently push him onto the bed, lying back as she moved over him.

'Just try to relax' she whispered. 'If you feel you need me to stop, just say so.'

Cam stared up at the ceiling, heart pounding in his chest as she began to unbuckle his belt.

Days passed.

On one morning James came to Cam, telling him that he needed to learn to control his powers, or at least try his best to do so, referring back to the times his magic had caused harm, because Cam could not control his abilities.

Cam dipped his head, knowing what James said was fair.

'But I don't know how to stop it' Cam mumbled back, feeling suddenly nervous and uncertain, and guilty at the damage he had already caused. 'I don't have any control over my powers, they just happen.'

'Then perhaps you need help' James said. 'I will do what I can, whatever I can. Everyone here cares about you' he told Cam. 'We want you to be healthy and fit again, so that you can return to the throne one day.'

'I don't want such a thing' Cam mumbled.

'You must' James told him wearily. 'The lives of thousands of people are depending on you, the council who rule over this kingdom cause unspeakable harm and suffering to so many, and only for their own benefit.' He scowled then as he thought of them. 'The old king, your father…was a good man. He would have wanted you to take up the throne.'

'My father is dead' Cam spoke flatly. 'I don't care what he wanted.'

James watched him sadly, before turning away.

'You need to learn how to control your powers' he said. 'Meet me by the pools tomorrow morning.'

'You know how to control them?' Cam asked hopefully.

'No' James answered, 'but I know what might help.'

Cam went to his room shortly after that, thinking about what James had said to him, and unable to get it out of his mind.

I want to learn to control my powers, or at least suppress them…

Cam sat upon his bed, leaning to the side with his elbow resting against the windowsill, staring outwards with eyes unfocused.

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