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Back in the room, Cam lay quietly on the bed, feeling a deep sense of loss and regret within him.

Chapter Twenty Two

'Great news gentleman!' Castello cried, marching into the council chambers to address the right and left hands of the king (or what was left of them, originally there were forty in number, now there were just eleven).

The palace had been quiet since Cam's plight, and no one had spoken of him since that day.

Until today.

'I now know where Cameron is' Castello said jovially.

Desmond regarded him with a fixed expression. The other council members watched him silently until one of them spoke.

'How do you know this?' Valeri questioned.

'I have my sources' Castello replied seriously to him. 'I know more than any of you do.'

Heremon turned away, groaning into his hand.

'So where is he then?' Storin asked.

'The place has no name' Castello told them, producing a map of the kingdom and placing it in the centre of the table so that the other council members could see. 'But I know where it is' he continued, bringing forth a pen. 'Here' he said, putting his mark on the map. 'It's a secluded place in the forest…far from here. Our soldiers could find it easily enough though.'

The other council members regarded with scrutiny the little X Castello had drawn.

'There?' Agnus questioned. 'But there's nothing there. It's just an area of forest.'

'Precisely' Castello gleamed. 'Isn't that what someone who's trying to hide would want you to think? It's the perfect place, where no one would think to look...'

Castello grinned down at the map, seemingly very pleased with himself.

'There is a manor there' he explained, 'a manor built within the woods, and it is filled with people that we would consider to be traitors…and Cam….' He paused then with a sly grin, 'he is there too.'

The other council members all exchanges glances with one another. Castello seemed so sure of himself, the others too were convinced.

'Alright' Denzil voiced. 'Let's send our soldiers to this place, and bring back the king.'

Less than an hour later that very same day, a band of soldiers rode from the palace, heading towards the mark on the map.

They rode swiftly, and without rest.

That night Cam had a nightmare. He dreamed of dark hands reaching out to grab him, and then he felt a great pain, in both his body and his mind.

When he woke, he saw the room around him was covered in frost, and his breath was a mist in the air before his mouth.

Cam stared about hi

m in wonder at the room. It was cold, but…sort of beautiful in its icy glaze.

He pushed back the chilled sheets which crackled as he did, before getting up and moving across the room, heading downstairs for something to eat, though it was late.

When Cam returned to his room sometime later, he was surprised to see a woman there waiting for him.

The chill was gone, and he found her lying on his bed, eyeing him with almost a predatory gaze.

She turned towards him as he entered the room, lying back on his bed and dressed in a low cut, loosely fitted dress. Her shoulders bare, her arms bare, and her beautiful hair tied up.

'He didn't tell me' she began, 'that you would be so handsome.'

The door swung slowly shut behind Cam as he stared at her in shock.

The woman swung her legs over the edge of the bed, rising slowly and sauntering over to him.

'W-what are you doing here?' Cam asked tentatively.

'I'm here for you' she told him. 'I'm here to pleasure you.'

Cam backed himself against the closed door, turning his head away from her as she began to kiss his neck.

She smiled in amusement at this, stepping back and considering him.

'Yes' she said. 'He did say you would probably resist me.'

'Who said that?' Cam asked nervously, daring to look back at her.

'Vergil' the woman replied.

'Vergil said that?'

'I am a gift from him' she said placing a hand over her heart and bowing to him. 'My name is Malina.'

'He…' Cam began uncertainly, 'gave you as a gift…?'

'Yes' Malina smiled straightening again. 'I'm glad you understand. Although, the arrangement lasts only as long as I am needed.'

'And what do I need you for?'

'Pleasure' she told him. 'And practice.'


She reached for him, beginning to unbutton his shirt, speaking to him as she did so.

'He tells me there is a woman you care deeply about, but you have never loved a woman before, have never been physical with a woman before, and that you don't know how to please them, pleasure them.'

'That does sound like something Vergil would say and do' Cam began tentatively, 'but I…don't know if this is such a good idea.'

'He's already paid for me' Malina said, slipping his shirt slowly off his shoulders and letting it fall to the floor. She stopped then, taking a step back as if giving him time to come to terms with the situation. 'I think you would benefit from my services' she said to him, eyes roving over his lean and handsome frame. 'You want to make Lucy happy don't you?'

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