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   Chapter 230 No.230

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Eventually his grip weakened, and his hand fell back down, going to his face now as he began to sob.

'Come on' Vergil said, pulling him into a sitting position and lifting him on his shoulder. 'I'll give you one last gift before I go.'

'Put me down' Cam growled at him as he was carried down the corridor towards Vergil's bedroom. 'Put me down!'

'Oh I will.'

Vergil marched into the room, throwing Cam roughly onto the bed. Cam rose instantly, making his way towards the door Vergil had turned towards, but Vergil was quicker. He slammed the door and locked it, turning swiftly back to Cam, hand on his chest and pushing him back towards the bed. Cam fell on the sheets again, staring up at Vergil standing over him.

'I know this is difficult for you' Vergil was saying as he unbuttoned his shirt. 'It's not easy for me either, but I cannot stay here any longer. I only stayed as long as I have…for you…'

Cam glared at him as Vergil threw off his shirt, propped up on his elbows.

'Come now' Vergil said, crawling on the bed towards him. 'Let's not argue.'

Cam lay back on the bed, staring up at the ceiling silently, just waiting for Vergil.

'Let us savour this moment' Vergil whispered, kissing his chest and moving further down his body.

Cam stayed still as Vergil began to unbuckle his belt; he stopped him before he could get too far, sitting up quickly and rolling himself on top of Vergil.

'Oh?' Vergil said teasingly. 'This is a nice surprise.'

Cam hesitated, staring down at him, uncertain for a moment what to do.

'Do you need some help?' Vergil teased.

Cam moved slowly, placing his hand over Vergil's mouth.

'Keep quiet' Cam told him, removing his hand after a few seconds when Vergil did not resist.

Cam ran his thumb over Vergil's lower lip, before leaning over him and kissing him.

Vergil kissed him back. He sat up then, hand on Cam's shoulder, pushing him over and rolling on top of him. Cam giggled, sitting up and pushing Vergil back, rolling back on top of him again. Cam's heart beat began to quicken as he straddled Vergil, and he felt suddenly out of breath.

'Cam' Vergil whispered. 'I want you to take me.'

Cam's breath caught in his throat as he gazed down at Vergil. Vergil smiled, reaching up and brushing Cam's hair back. 'You're so beautiful.'

'So you keep saying.'

Cam caught his hand before it

dropped, nuzzling into it.

'I love you Vergil. I always have.'

'Then show me.'

Cam leant back, moving suddenly as he pulled Vergil over to lie on his front. Vergil began to laugh as Cam pulled him into a kneeling position, Vergil on all fours now.

Cam's hand moved down his body, he leant over Vergil, whispering into his ear.


Vergil smiled as Cam pushed himself forwards, moaning in pleasure.

'So why are you leaving?' Cam asked him as they lay side by side on the bed afterwards. 'I have to know.'

'You want to know why?'


Vergil smirked. 'Because of Lucy.'

Cam tensed at the sound of her name.


'It's her you truly love' Vergil said to him. 'I can see it in your eyes when you look at her.'

'I've known her for a long time' Cam admitted. 'But I'm too afraid to speak to her now…because I stutter….when I get scared or nervous.'

'Well that' Vergil said slowly, 'is something you're going to have to learn to overcome on your own.'

Vergil sat up, leaning over Cam and kissing him swiftly before rising and beginning to dress.

'Are you leaving right now?' Cam asked him sitting up.


'I don't want you to go' Cam told him miserably.

Vergil turned back to him, bending down and caressing his cheek, lifting Cam's chin up and kissing him again.

'I don't want you to go' Cam whispered to him again.

'Forget about me' Vergil said. 'I was never here.'

'I can't pretend you were never here.'

'Try' Vergil said to him, letting go of him and making his way to the door. 'Love Lucy……she is all that matters…'

'I'll never see you again' Cam said raising his voice slightly as Vergil's hand touched the door.

Vergil hesitated, hand frozen on the door handle.

'It's better this way' Vergil spoke turning back to Cam. 'It's been good' he said to him with a smile and sadness in his eyes. 'But now we must both move on.'

'I love you' Cam said to him. 'I always will.'

Vergil smiled kindly back at him, the edges of his eyes crinkled in both joy and sadness, before speaking his final words to him.

'I know do you. I love you too Cam….I shall never forget you.'

Vergil closed the door after him, pulling from his coat as he went a crow's mask and placing it on his face, before casting his hand out and opening a doorway of light.

He stepped through the portal, and vanished.

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