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   Chapter 229 No.229

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After a time, Vergil leant back, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

'Turn over' he mumbled.

Cam didn't move, he only stared up at Vergil.

'Turn over' Vergil told him again.

Cam smirked at him, reaching up to grab him and pulling him down for a kiss.

After a few seconds Vergil pulled away, grabbing Cam roughly by the arm and turning him over onto his front. He began to pull Cam's clothes away, leaning over him again.

'Cam' Vergil whispered, kissing his shoulder tenderly. 'I love you.'

'I love you too…Vergil.'

Vergil reached a hand towards him, brushing Cam's cheek with the back of his hand, running his fingers through his black hair. His grip tightened suddenly, as he thrust into him. Cam balled his fists as Vergil ran his hands down his back and to his waist, savouring the moment and Vergil's gentle rhythm.

Afterwards they stayed here for a short time, hidden from view within the thickly growing bushes. Cam sat upon the table with his feet resting on the low wall beside it. Vergil nearby sat on a chair, leaning with an elbow upon the table.

'Is it always like this?' Cam asked. 'To love?'

'Like what?'


Vergil smirked. 'It's different for everyone' he said.

'You make me feel…' Cam began. 'You make me feel….'

'Feel what?' Vergil asked.

'Happy' Cam finished. 'Loved……in a way I've never felt before.'

'One day' Vergil said, 'you may feel the same about Lucy.'

The thought pricked at his heart.

'I want her to notice me' Cam said. 'I want her to know I exist.'

'She does.'

Cam turned around to face Vergil.

Vergil met his gaze. 'Didn't you tell me you used to know her?'

'That was a long time ago' Cam mumbled, 'though I never thought I would see her again. It's so strange to find her here.'

'And isn't it a coincidence?' Vergil smiled. 'To find her here I mean. Perhaps it's fate that brought you both here, ' he gleamed, 'and fate, that will draw you closer together.'

Cam furrowed his brow, biting his lip in thought.

'Do you think so?' he asked Vergil.

Vergil stood, walking over towards Cam and snaking his hand around the back of Cam's neck. Cam glanced up; Vergil was smiling down at him kindly.

Vergil leant forward and kissed him one last time, eyes glinting, before straightening and moving away.

He walked out of the bushes, leaving Cam alone with his thoughts.

Chapter Twenty One

More days passed, and Cam contin

ued to watch Lucy from a distance. But he never spoke to her again. Too afraid of stuttering in front of her, too afraid of what she might think, and so, he spent his days alone, or with Vergil, growing ever more frustrated each time he was told to return to the palace and take up his duties.

It all became too much for him, and one day, completely unintentionally, he set the garden alight.

When the fires were put out, he thanked the gods that no one was hurt, praying almost none stop after it was over, and begging for forgiveness.

Andrew, James and Sean went away to talk, doing so without Cam. For which he was extremely grateful. And then, Cam heard some news.

'You're leaving?'

'Yes' Vergil replied. 'There is something I have to do…I've stayed here for too long as it is.'

'How could you leave me like this?! How could you?'

Cam turned his back on Vergil angrily.

'Are you crying?' Vergil asked him, reaching out to touch his shoulder.

'If I'm crying it's because of you' Cam answered harshly back, rubbing his eyes with the back of his hands. 'How could you…how could you leave me like this?'

Vergil put a hand on the wall suddenly, trapping Cam. Cam stopped crying abruptly, glancing around at Vergil, who stared back at him intently.

'Don't touch me' Cam hissed.

Vergil ignored him, instead leaning forward.

Cam was about to speak sharply to him, when Vergil stopped him suddenly with a kiss, his other hand caressing his face.

'No' Cam pulled away, but Vergil pulled him back, holding his head roughly with both hands now.

Vergil pressed his body close to Cam's, pressing his hip against his.

'No' Cam said again, jerking away, he tripped and fell back, Vergil was atop him in an instant, holding him down, pinning him to the ground and holding each of his wrists, as he kissed him deeply. 'I hate you…' Cam whispered, tears in his eyes as Vergil moved his lips over Cam's throat and down to his chest. 'I hate you……..'

'You don't mean that' Vergil said boldly as he began to unbutton Cam's shirt.

They were in the corridors of the manor now, and it was deserted. It was a beautiful day outside, and everyone was enjoying the sun.

Cam reached up with his free hand, grabbing Vergil by the throat and squeezing. Vergil froze, staring down at Cam. He didn't resist as Cam's arm began to shake holding him, gritting his teeth in anger with tears in his eyes. Vergil stared coolly back.

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