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   Chapter 228 No.228

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Cam turned his head around to face Vergil who circled around the bench, coming to stand behind him. Suddenly Vergil grabbed him around the shoulders and pushed him back, tipping him back onto the grassy floor beneath the bench on which he sat.

Cam fell back, dropping the book as Vergil leant over him.

'Vergil' Cam giggled trying to push him away. 'Not here.'

'Why not?' Vergil beamed, leaning over him and kissing his neck over and over again.

'Someone will see' Cam replied, turning his head away.

'I want them to see.'

Cam turned back to face him, and Vergil kissed him on the lips, moving his body over Cam's, sitting on his waist as they kissed.

Vergil leant back, smiling warmly at Cam as he ran his fingers through his black hair again.

'You're so handsome' Vergil told him. 'You know that?'

'I have been told' Cam mumbled, looking up at Vergil who sat on top of him.

Vergil smiled again, giggling to himself as he ran his finger along Cam's jaw playfully.

'You're happy here aren't you?' Vergil asked him.

'I think so' Cam answered back. 'Except…I fear for the future.'

'What do you want?'

'I'm not exactly sure' Cam admitted. 'But…I know for sure at least, that I don't want to go back to the palace, not ever…I hate it there.'

'I know' Vergil sighed. 'I wouldn't want to go back either if it was me.'

He leant forwards again, kissing him, and weaving his fingers through Cam's, pinning him down with his weight.

'I am happy here' Cam said to him as Vergil leant back. 'But I'm still scared that the others will force me to do something that I don't want.'

'Who?' Vergil asked.

'The people who saved me' Cam said. 'The people who brought me here, the healers…the soldiers……I fear that they wish to control me.'

'Cam…' Vergil uttered.

Cam let out a sob then, bowing his head and pulling his hands out of Vergil's hold.

'Gods I'm so confused' be stammered, grasping his head in anguish. 'How can I be having these feelings for you….when I love Lucy…it's not right…….none of this feels right….and yet…it does…'

'Hey' Vergil smiled at him, reaching forwards and lifting Cam's chin up. 'You love me don't you?'

'I…' Cam began. 'I don't know…I mean….I think so.'

'You have strong feeling for me?'


'I have strong feelings for you too' Vergil purred, leaning forwards and kissing him again.

Cam pushed him away then, turning over and rising to his feet.

'No' Cam said. 'We shouldn't….we

shouldn't be doing this. How can I feel this way about you and her? How can I feel this way about both?'

'You just need time to sort your feelings' Vergil told him, reaching towards him again.

'No' turned his head away as Vergil moved towards him.

'Why not?'

'We shouldn't' Cam replied, glancing towards him but not turning to face him. 'Not here.'

'No one's going to see' Vergil smiled, moving towards him again and pushing him deeper into the bushes.

'Someone might see us' Cam argued, trying to push him back.

'No one's going to see' Vergil told him, speaking between kisses. 'No one is going to hear…as long as you bite down.'

Cam flushed suddenly.

'It's alright' Vergil whispered teasingly. We've plenty of time.'

Cam allowed himself to be pushed back upon the picnic table behind him, staring up as Vergil leant over him.

'You're so handsome' Vergil gleamed. He bowed his head, regarding Cam closely. 'I'm going to take you now' he said. 'I can't resist you.'

'We shouldn't' Cam whispered back, lying on the table. 'Not here.'

Vergil smiled, leaning over him and lowering himself so that their bodies touched.

'But…' he whispered into Cam's ear. 'You're so delicious.'

Cam's stomach flipped inside him, and he breathed slowly and deeply.

Vergil raised his body slightly, so that he could look into Cam's face. He grinned down at him, before bending down and kissing him deeply. Cam did not resist, but lay there submissively as he felt Vergil inside him. He lifted his hands slowly as Vergil kissed him, moving his hands over Vergil's body and under his shirt, feeling his chest, his back, his waist and muscles.

As Cam did this, Vergil moved his hand down Cam's body and over his groin area, caressing him a while before unbuttoning his breeches and slipping his hand in. Cam broke away from their kiss, closing his eyes and leaning his head back as Vergil touched him.

'I like it when you expose yourself to me' Vergil told him, sneering down at him as he placed his mouth around his neck, biting his throat gently and moving down.

Cam moaned as Vergil's bites became harder, running from his neck and down to his chest and belly, unbuttoning his shirt one by one as he went.

'Such soft skin' he said when he reached his midriff, 'so tender and tasty…'

Cam gasped suddenly, opening his eyes as Vergil began to work. He moved his hand across the table, nails scratching the wood, his chest rising and falling.

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