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   Chapter 227 No.227

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'Your hair's getting longer' he told Cam distractedly.

His hand dropped and he suddenly embraced Cam firmly, resting his forehead against his.

'I'm sorry this happened to you' Vergil mumbled to him. 'I'm sorry you had to suffer this way.'

Cam said nothing. He bowed his head, holding Vergil back.

'It's nice' Cam whispered, '…to have someone by my side like this.'

'I'm glad you've accepted me' Vergil uttered. 'I just wish there was something I could do to make things better.'

Many days passed, and Cam was wandering listlessly about the manor. He leant forwards against the balustrade, staring down at the floor below him, where a few of the other residents were drifting about. One was eating, two were conversing, another reading.

'Cam. There you are.'

Cam straightened at the sound of the voice, unfolding his arms he turned to face James who stood behind him.

'We need to talk.'

'About what?' Cam asked uncertainly.

'Relax' James told him, 'everything is fine; we just want to talk with you.'

Cam narrowed his eyes suspiciously at that. 'We?'

James reached for him suddenly, Cam tensed at the gesture, drawing back slightly. James sighed, and placed his hand gently upon Cam's shoulder.

'Not everyone is going to hurt you' James said to him. 'We just need to talk about where we go from here' he told Cam. 'Come on' he said walking with him. 'Everything will be alright.'

Cam walked with James away and to one of the small rooms within the manor, there were two other figures in the room alongside himself and James. One was the healer Andrew, and the other was a figure that Cam did not recognise. He glanced towards this man, who looked back at him with a dark expression.

'It's alright' James reassured Cam. 'Sean is one of your mother's soldiers. He is trustworthy.'

Cam averted his attention quickly.

'Why am I here?' Cam asked.

'We need to talk about your future' Andrew told him.

Cam's attention slid towards the healer.

'You need to return to the palace.'

'No' Cam said shaking his head and beginning to panic. 'No I won't!'

'You can't refuse' James told him in disbelief. 'You are our king. We've brought you a long way to keep you alive, to keep you safe. You must return to rule your kingdom.'

'After what they did to me?!'

'It is why you must return' James hastened.

'I can't…'

Sean stared at Cam in silence, before moving away.

'You are our king' James repeated. 'You must rule your kingdom, get rid of the evil tha

t plagues it, and return it to the days your father ruled.'

'I can't…' Cam mumbled. 'I'm not strong enough.'

'Cam' James spoke quietly.

'I'M NOT GOING BACK TO THE PALACE!' Cam howled. 'Not ever. I hate it there. I would rather die than go back!'

'But what about your duties?' James said quietly. 'What about your brother?'

'I don't care for my duties' Cam growled in anger, body quivering, 'and as for my brother……he doesn't care about me.'

'Cam' James spoke sadly, 'you know that isn't true.'

'It is' Cam hissed. 'It is true…'

The next day

Cam sat in the garden. For several hours now he had been reading a book. There were several rooms in the manor where he lived now, the manor that was now his home, that held many books. The shelves were filled with information and the most wonderful stories, and for a time Cam felt he had been transported to his past when he was young, in the days he lived a horrible life, reading the books in the palace were his only solace. Here he lived a seemingly safe life, in a place where people were kind and cared for him. But he lived in his mind an uncertain existence, still haunted by the past, still fearing for his brother, still fearing that he would be found by the wrong people, fearing for the future, fearing he would be returned to the palace and be forced to rule a kingdom he hated. And then there was Lucy.

Cam sighed miserably to himself.

Through all his fears and worry, he had at least one comfort. The books he read allowed his mind to travel to different worlds, and see the lives of other people, heroes who fought through the hardest of times, defeated their enemies, and rose as the victor in the end.

Cam closed his book, smiling to himself. The book he had finished had ended in such a way. The hero was weak at the start of the story, but through his experiences, he had grown stronger. He had fought and defeated his enemies, and at the end of the story, the people loved him.

My books Cam thought. My stories…my one comfort…

He raised his head then, glancing around across the gardens. His heart skipped a beat as he saw at a distance, a red headed figure. Lucy sat with her back to him, head down; she appeared to be reading a book of her own.

His heart skipped a beat again, as Vergil came around the corner, stepping out from behind a bush.

One comfort Cam grinned as Vergil approached. And him.

Vergil reached out to him as he walked past, brushing his fingers through Cam's hair as he went by.

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