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   Chapter 226 No.226

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Cam leant back against the door as Vergil moved closer. Cam closed his eyes, lifting his head as Vergil ran his hand tenderly around his neck, kissing his skin gently. He began to unbutton Cam's shirt slowly, Vergil moved further down his body. Cam tensed suddenly, looking down as Vergil moved to his belt.

'It's ok' Vergil whispered back, kneeling before him. 'I won't hurt you. I promise.'

Cam let out a sigh, relaxing slightly as Vergil began to unbuckle his belt.

Cam craned his head back, closing his eyes and moaning in pleasure as Vergil put his mouth around him.

He felt so violated when Brioke had touched him, so dirty and used.

But with Vergil it felt different, it felt good, and he was gentle, caring.

Emotions began to stir within, and he began to feel things towards Vergil, things he never thought he would.

Vergil moved away before he was finished, rising and pulling Cam with him towards the bed.

He shoved him back, Cam landed heavily on the sheets, staring up at Vergil who was smiling down at him.

Vergil began to unbutton his own shirt, before moving towards Cam.

'I've…' Cam began sitting up, 'I've never done it like this before….I've…'

'Shhh' Vergil whispered, placing a finger on his lips and pushing him gently back down. 'Don't worry' Vergil reassured him. 'I'll treat you nicely.'

He leaned over Cam, their naked flesh touching.

Vergil breathed in his ear. Cam gasped, tensing suddenly as Vergil's hand moved down his body and between his legs. Cam closed his eyes, throwing his head back and letting out a deep sigh.

Vergil whispered instructions into Cam's ear.

'Turn over' he said.

Cam tensed suddenly, staring uncertainly up at Vergil.

'It's ok' Vergil soothed, running his fingers through Cam's dark hair. 'You can trust me' he said, 'I promise I won't hurt you. Turn over' he said again, 'on your hands and knees.'

Cam sat up and obliged, staring down at the bed sheets as he waited for Vergil.

'Just relax' Vergil said to him, pushing his front down.

Cam lowered himself onto his elbows. He tensed as Vergil pushed himself forwards, moaning as Vergil leant over him.

Vergil paused then, allowing Cam's body to relax.

Cam let out a breath, his muscles easing slightly. Vergil pulled back slightly, then pushed forwards again.

'It's never felt this way before' Cam told him afterwards.

'In a good way?' Vergil asked lying by his side.

'Before it was al

ways so…..violent.' His cheek twitched as he remembered those times.

'And this time?'

'It felt….good.'

'Good' Vergil sighed, resting with his forearm over his eyes.

'Vergil' Cam asked him sitting up and looking back at him.


'Do you love me?'

Vergil moved his arm to get a better look at Cam.

'I do' Vergil told him. 'I love you.'

'I've never known love' Cam. 'Never.'

'Well' Vergil smiled, sitting up and pushing Cam back down, whispering into his ear. 'Now you do.'

Cam smiled.

He was happy.

That night, they slept together, side by side in each other's arms. Cam lay on his side, holding Vergil's arm that was resting across his body. At first it had felt strange to have someone lay beside him, it felt strange to have someone hold him close. It felt strange, but it felt right. Even so, Cam's sleep was an unsteady one. He frowned in his sleep, body twitching.

Vergil who held him drew his arm back slowly, woken by Cam, who began to groan as he continued to twitch, his body jerking more violently now.

Vergil propped himself up on an elbow, wide awake now and watching Cam closely.

Cam shifted this way and that, tossing his head. He gripped the sheets suddenly, moaning, before sitting bolt upright and screaming.

'Cam!' Vergil called to him alarmed, grabbing him and shaking him. 'Cam it's me!'

It took several seconds for Cam to calm down and realise where he was and that he was not in danger.

He let out a breath, shaking hands going to his head. He covered his eyes, turning away from Vergil as he fought back tears.

'I'm sorry' he whispered, shoulders beginning to tremble. 'I'm sorry….'

The door to their bedroom opened suddenly and Lady the young healer stepped in, drawn to this room by the noise.

'Oh' she said caught off-guard at the sight of Vergil and Cam together in the same bed. 'I'm sorry…I…just wanted to check everything was alright.'

Vergil smiled widely at her, speaking confidently.

'Everything is fine. Thank you for your concern.'

She hesitated, glancing towards Cam who was still shaking.

'S-sorry' he fumbled. 'I just had a nightmare.'

She lingered in the doorway for a moment, before stepping back and closing the door after her in silence.

Vergil turned to Cam when she was gone. 'You suffer night terrors?'

'Yeah' Cam whispered, facing him in turn. 'I'm sorry if I scared you.'

Vergil reached forwards to brush his hair back.

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