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   Chapter 225 No.225

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Andrew nodded silently.

'I think you should go see him.'


'Vergil' Andrew said. 'He seems to have taken a special interest in you, and he seems to know how to help you control your magic. I think you should go and see him. It'll be good for you.'

'Yeah' Cam spoke meekly. 'Sure…if you say so.'

'He's downstairs waiting for you now.'

'Now?' Cam raised his head.

'Yes' Andrew said. 'Eat your food quickly and go and see him.'

Cam hesitated. 'Now?' he asked again.

'Yes' Andrew smiled wearily. 'He said he's happy to wait for you, but it's not polite to keep people waiting for too long.'

'No' Cam whispered, staring at the food Andrew had brought him. 'Of course not.'

'I love this garden' Vergil sighed happily, leaning forwards against the wall and smiling at the large vegetable patch before them. 'It's so lovely' he beamed. 'Rabbit!' he cried suddenly, seeing one sitting at the edge of the vegetable patch. 'Shoo!' he cried waving his arms madly. 'These vegetables are not for you!' The rabbit startled, bolted quickly away, disappearing back into the woods that grew around them. 'There' Vergil sighed happily again, resting forwards on the wall and relaxing. 'That's better.'

Cam cast him a strange look, standing a step back from him and the wall.

'Do you like this garden?' Vergil asked him nonchalantly.

'Why are you so interested in me?'

'Hm?' Vergil turned to face him. 'What do you mean? It's because you're the first one I met coming here. Aren't you interested in me?'

'Hmmm' Cam frowned, turning away.

'Oh I see' Vergil grinned slyly.

Cam glanced back at him nervously now.

'You only care about Lucy don't you?'

'That's not true!' Cam protested.

Vergil only laughed at his reaction, which irritated Cam even more.

'Is she your first love then?'

'As a matter of fact' Cam spoke slowly, bowing his head to the ground, '…she is. I met her a long time ago when we were both young………I never thought I would see her again…especially not here...'


Vergil glanced towards the manor.

'She's in there you know' he said to Cam. 'I saw her earlier today. She was sitting in the longue reading.'

'She was reading?' Cam asked, perking up suddenly. 'I've seen her read a lot. I think she likes to read…'

Vergil shrugged his shoulders, then sighed dreamily, his eyes glazing over. 'My first love…was a beautiful

woman. A true angel she was, with long white hair and the most adorable smile.'

'What happened?' Cam dared ask.

'She died' Vergil replied forlorn. 'A very long time ago…but we were happy…for the longest time…'

Cam dipped his head, disappointed.

'I don't know anything about women' Cam told him sadly. 'I just want her to be happy, but don't know what true love really is…all I know is pain…...'

'Would you like to?' Vergil said straightening up and moving to stand before him. 'Learn how to love I mean?'

Cam hesitated, hunching his shoulders shyly.


Vergil leant forward suddenly, grasping Cam either side of his face and kissing him.

Cam froze wide-eyed in shock as he felt Vergil's lips upon his.

Vergil leant back, staring into his eyes. He turned away suddenly, moving deliberately towards the manor. Cam watched him closely.

Vergil paused, glancing back at Cam with his hand upon the wooden gate.

Cam followed him inside, moving through the rooms and to a bedroom across the hall, Vergil's bedroom. Vergil paused with his hand on the doorframe, glancing back at Cam.

Without breaking eye contact, Cam watched him go.

Vergil glanced down, slipping into the bedroom and waiting for him in the dark.

Cam moved closer, tentative now. He stopped in the doorway, hovering between the dark room before him and the light corridor behind.

'You don't have to come in' Vergil told him looming in the dark, 'if you don't want to.'

Cam hesitated, taking in the surroundings within the room. It was lit only by the light from outside, which shone through a small window covered by a thin veil. The walls around the room bore heavy tapestries, and the four-poster bed in the middle looked soft.

Cam took a step into the room, closing the door gradually behind him. It felt as it had done before with Brioke, only different. This time he was the one closing the door. This time, he was the one making the choice.

He wanted this, he wanted to feel affection, to feel love.

The room became suddenly darker as Cam closed the door, and Vergil before him grinned seductively.

He moved closer to Cam.

'I've suffered in the past' Cam told him sincerely. 'I don't want it to feel the same way as it did before.'

'Don't worry' Vergil told him gently, brushing Cam's black hair back from his eyes. 'I won't do anything you don't want me to do.'

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