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   Chapter 224 No.224

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He stopped there, but Vergil continued to watch him expectantly.

'Go on' Vergil encouraged. 'Tell me about when you first met her.'

'Well…' Cam began. 'I don't really remember much. My brother and I…we left home and went out into the streets. That's when I first saw her. She was just a child, and so was I, we must be about the same age. She always stood out because of her hair, a beautiful and vibrant red…'

Vergil smiled silently as he listened.

'I…I really like her, and seeing her again years later, here…in this place……'

Cam bit his tongue, staring off into nothing.

Vergil tensed suddenly, unfolding his arms and taking a step back.


'The pond' Vergil hissed, raising a hand and pointing.

Cam looked around, heart leaping to his throat. He saw the fish scatter as frost crept along the surface of the pond, creeping up the walls and down the steps to the grassy floor of the garden around.

'Oh no…' Cam whined, rising and stepping back. The instant he had noticed, it began to get worse. 'I can't stop it!' Cam cried, becoming hysterical.

The air grew heavy, and cold. Their breaths formed as mist before them.

'Extraordinary' Vergil sighed, gazing all around him at what was changing, not in the least bit phased by what was happening. 'What an incredible power…'

'I don't know how to control it' Cam sobbed, looking behind him as the air grew colder still.

It began to snow.

'Just be calm' Vergil told him in a level voice. 'Y

'I just…' Cam looked away. 'I'm worried about……….the people I once knew……people who were dear to me.'

Andrew nodded in silent understanding.

'There is a man that's been asking about you.'

Cam glanced up.

'He's most insistent on seeing you again' Andrew went on. 'His name is Vergil. You know him?'

'Vergil's been asking about me?' Cam mumbled to himself. 'Yes' he spoke loudly. 'He……I met him a few days ago. He came here, and um…we walked through the garden, to the fish pond.'

'Did anything happen?' Andrew spoke slowly, an eyebrow raised.

Cam leant forward, resting his elbows on his knees.

'My powers came out' he said quickly. 'The pond frosted over…and…everything grew cold…'

Andrew watched him expectantly for several moments.

'You brought it under control then?' he asked. 'Your magic.'

'Yeah' Cam mumbled. 'Vergil told me to be calm, and so I tried…and I think it worked. It seems to happen when I get too emotional……that's what he said anyway.'

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