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   Chapter 223 No.223

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'Sometimes' he replied, 'people just don't like you…just because you are different.'

'Am I different?' Cam said, sounding as if he were speaking to himself.

'It depends on how you see it, on how other people see it' Vergil replied. 'To ask such a question, is like asking whether or not you are normal. There is no clear answer.'

Cam stopped walking then. His gaze drifted past Vergil and over his shoulder, to something of interest behind him.

Vergil noticing this, looked back.

'Oh' Vergil said. 'It's her.'

He faced Cam again. 'That's Lucy isn't it? She's always stood out because of her hair.'

'Yeah' Cam mumbled weakly. 'Do you know her?'

'Of a sorts' Vergil said looking away, 'although, she doesn't know me.'

They continued to walk.

'I think I will stay here for a while' Vergil said absentmindedly to himself.


'Because' Vergil replied simply, a smile playing about his lips, 'I quite like it here. Don't you?'

They stopped before a small tree, one of many within the garden. Vergil reached out, plucking one of the flowers from the tips of the branches and bringing it to his lips.

'Beautiful' he sighed, breathing in the scent of the flower with a heavy breath. He opened his eyes. 'I've always loved flowers. They are…special.' He lowered his hand, letting the flower fall to the floor where it landed gently on the grass. 'I would like us to be friends' Vergil said to Cam out of the blue. 'Is that something you might want?'

Cam blinked in surprise, staring back at Vergil uncertainly.

'Friends?' he repeated. 'With me? But…why would you want that? I'm no one special.'

Vergil smirked at this, tilting his head back towards the clouds.

'I've just gotten here' Vergil told him. 'I don't know anyone here.'

'What about your family?' Cam asked him. 'Won't they miss you?'

'No' Vergil mumbled. 'They won't. We're not…' he paused, thinking of the right words. 'We're not close like that' he finished

Vergil straightened, turning his back on Cam then, staring away into the garden.

'I saw a pond at the bottom of this garden' Vergil said. 'There are the prettiest little fish in there, golds and blacks and whites and silvers. Would you mind if we go and see them?'

Cam paused.

'It's ok' Vergil said to him, noticing his hesitation. 'I just want to look at the fish.'

Cam stared back at Vergil reluctantly. He turned away, glancing back at the building behind th


'Are you afraid of me?' Vergil asked as Cam looked back at him.

'No' Cam answered meekly.

'Then you're nervous of strangers?'

Cam avoided his gaze, instead staring at the floor and swallowing the lump in his throat.

'I'm not going to do anything' Vergil laughed. 'Don't you trust me?'

'No' Cam replied flatly. 'I don't know you.'

Vergil hesitated, before smiling widely again.

'I suppose you're right' he answered after a time. 'We all have thorns in our past, things that have hurt us, dark marks that shadow our present.'

Cam watched him closely.

'It's just to the bottom of the garden' Vergil said. 'I just want some company. Please will you join me?'

Cam let out a breath. 'Fine' he said. 'I'll come with you.'

'Good' Vergil replied looking genuinely pleased. 'Just to the bottom of the garden' he pointed, 'and then I promise to leave you alone, at least for today.'

'Alright' Cam repeated, 'just to the bottom of the garden.'

'It's over there' Vergil said pointing. 'I'll lead the way.'

Cam hung back for a second, before following after him, walking a few steps behind Vergil who led the way.

They walked in silence, only once did Vergil glance back towards him to make sure that he was following, and Cam was sure he saw a smile.

'There' Vergil said extending his arms out happily when they had reached the pond. 'Fishes.'

Cam approached the pond tentatively, leaning forwards to get a better look inside at the dark waters.

The pond was not a natural one, but one that had been designed. Its stone wall was built upon a raised platform, and all around it, wide steps led right up to the wall.

Cam moved forwards, resting on the steps and leaning forward to look over the wall. He put his fingers into the cool water. Immediately the fish nearest all swam to him, nibbling his fingers, thinking it was food.

Cam smiled weakly to himself as they tickled him.

'I've always loved fish' Vergil was saying. 'They're so pretty.'

'I've never seen a pond like this' Cam spoke quietly under his breath. 'We never had one where I used to live.'

Vergil said nothing.

'I've never really had any pets' Cam went on. 'The only thing I cared about really was…'

He trailed off, and never finished his sentence.

'Tell me more about Lucy' Vergil prompted.

'Lucy?' Cam mumbled. 'I don't really know much about her. I first met her many years ago when I was very young.'

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