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   Chapter 222 No.222

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Cam woke abruptly, heart pounding painfully in his chest as his mind began to piece together what had happened.

It had been another dream, again.

Cam stared up in silence at the ceiling for hours, as minute by minute, the dream slipped away from memory.

The morning was still hours away, and when it came, he ate breakfast without speaking, and then quickly went away.

Later that morning, as he was sitting on the steps before the manor, he saw a young man staring at him.

The young man, looking to be about the same age as himself was extremely handsome.

Cam's gaze lingered on him as the man stared back. Cam began to feel slightly nervous.

The man, who had been sitting on a bench in the garden a short distance away, rose to his feet.

Cam's nerves increased at the man approached. He stood before him, and smiled.


Cam noticed suddenly that the man's canine teeth were sharp.

'Hey' Cam mumbled back.

The handsome man knelt before him so that he came to Cam's level, resting on one knee and leaning on an elbow, he tilted his head, surveying Cam and looking at him closely.

Cam leant back, gritting his teeth and glaring as he blinked several times, suddenly feeling very uncomfortable and suspicious of the man.

'I'm glad to see you seem to be doing ok here.'

'What?' Cam asked shortly.

'The war' the stranger went on, 'the suffering…it has had such a terrible effect on so many people. That person' he said, turning towards a man who sat alone on the other side of the garden, a man with a distant gaze, and his eyes wide as if in shock. 'He was forced to torture and kill his own family.'

The stranger turned back to Cam.

'You're the king' he said. It was phrased as a question, but spoken as if the man already knew, though Cam answered anyway.

'I am' he said. 'But it's not as if it's a big secret' he added in a grumble. 'Everybody here knows. But people just leave me alone…mostly.'

The stranger smiled at this, though Cam did not know why.

'My name is Vergil' the stranger told him. 'I think you're very handsome' he said to Cam.

'My family lived a long time ago' Vergil was saying to Cam as they walked side by side through the quieter parts of the garden. 'I was taken away from them when I was very young. My family were different from the people around us, and due to certain circumstances, the people in the town where we lived turned against us. My mother and my father were both killed trying to protect me and my older sisters. We ma

naged to escape the house, and survived for weeks after that. But we didn't realise that they were still after us. My oldest sister was killed first, when she went away to get some water, then my other sister was killed two nights later when they found us in the woods. I was captured by the people and brought back to the town to face charges. All of them ridiculous…I was just a boy after all.'

Cam watched him closely as he spoke, he didn't say anything, but was listening intently.

'I was originally sentenced to be burned at the stake, but certain folks who supposedly sympathized with me, stepped forward and spoke out to give me a more lenient sentence. Instead I was chained to a post at night, and left outside the town to be killed by the wolves that lived in the hills nearby.'

'We have no wolves around here' Cam said to him.

'My old home was very far away' Vergil replied.

Cam turned away. 'So what happened?'

Vergil smiled to him, before facing ahead again. 'I managed to fight the wolves off myself. I pulled free the post that held me to the ground, using that and the chain that bound me to it to defend myself. I managed to kill two. Thankfully it was a small pack, and I managed to survive the attack.' He smirked to himself then. 'I was still chained to the post, and the post was heavy, very heavy for a boy so young. I walked for hours carrying it with me, but after a time…I managed to break my own ankle to free myself. I'm sure you can imagine how unpleasant that was for me.' He smiled again. 'After that, I survived in the wilderness for three weeks, until I was found by another of my own kind.' He nodded then. 'I was taken in by this man who was a teacher. My broken ankle which had healed abnormally was re-broken again and properly set, so that it could heal normally. After that, I began a new life under my mentor. He taught me much, and by the time I was mature, I had achieved more in a few short years than most kings had in their lifetime. I became a living legend. But what I did, would take too long to explain.'

'Then why are you here now?' Cam asked him, genuinely interested.

'My life took another direction' Vergil answered simply. 'I was taken in by another family, and that is where I live now.'

'Do they know you're here?'

'Some might. We're not terribly close.'

Cam looked away.

'Those townsfolk' Cam began, 'why did they treat you so horribly?'

Vergil's hand went to his mouth then, and he unconsciously touched his sharp canine teeth.

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