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   Chapter 221 No.221

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'When Cam is rescued, he will be taken to this refuge in the woods, the place of healing.'

'And that is where Lucy will be going too after this' Tiara finished flatly. 'I see.'

'They have known each other since they were very young, and have been drawn to one another. I believe that if the circumstances are right, the two could become lovers.'

'And why would you want that?' she asked him.

He shrugged. 'So much bad has happened to Cam. I think he deserves to get what he wants. At least some of what he wants...for now.'

'So he wants to see his old love again.'


'So you murder her whole family to do it?'

'Yup' Castello answered happily.

'Twisted' Tiara mumbled to herself, flicking through the deck of cards she held.

A third figure entered the room then.

'Hey guys' Vergil said sauntering into the room. 'Whacha doing?'

'Castello is just tormenting innocent people again' Tiara answered casually.

'Isn't that Cam's childhood sweetheart?' Vergil asked, seeing Lucy on the screen.

'Yup' Castello answered again in a merry tone.

'You murdered her family?' Vergil gasped as he saw the scene more clearly, grinding his teeth in fury.

'I sure did' Castello replied.

'Why?' Vergil glared. 'Why would you do that?'

Castello stared back at him, blinking in surprise.

'Don't tell me that you actually care for him.'

'I…' Vergil replied, suddenly hesitant.

'He's just a toy' Castello told him. 'Just like the rest of them.'

'No' Vergil shook his head. 'No. This one is different.'

Vergil suddenly turned on his heel and stormed off. Castello and Tiara watched him with curious looks as he went away.

Several days later, Lucy reached a secluded spot hidden deep within the woods, and was welcomed by the healers.

She was taken into the manor, where she began to recover.

Interlude end

Cam had been watching Lucy for several hours now, trying to sum up the courage to talk to her, to even approach her. He feared even being recognised by her.

Why am I so afraid? Cam thought angrily to himself. I want her to know who I am, so why do I feel this way?

But he knew the answer already, even as he asked himself.

It's because I truly care for her, because I truly love her…

But would she accept me…?

The days were beautiful here, and she spent a lot of time outside. It was summer, and at this time the sky was always clear, the air was always warm and comfor


Most of the time she would sit beneath the shade of the trees, either reading, or sometimes speaking to the other people who shared this space with her. Cam had wondered more than once, what she was doing here, and why she was not with her family.

Where are they? Something must have happened to them.

He watched her now, sitting on the other side of a hedge and staring through the leaves at her.

She was beautiful, she was so beautiful. Her hair was shorter than it was before, the bright orange colour shining in the sunlight. She was slender, now having the body of a mature woman who had finished growing into her figure. Cam thought briefly of the day he had first met her, back when they were both children. Things were so different back then, and they had both changed drastically from the selves they used to be.

She had always come back to him in his thoughts. Just when he thought that he might never see her again, she would suddenly appear.

Why? Cam thought. It's like we're being drawn together.

It was late in the day by the time he summed up the courage to speak to her.

When he approached her, she didn't seem to recognise him. Cam wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not. Perhaps she did recognise him, and was just choosing not to say.


She just stared up at him.

'I'm…Cam' he told her awkwardly. 'And you're Lucy.'

She didn't answer for a while, just stared up at him with large eyes.

'Yes' she spoke at last. 'That is my name.'

Cam's heart skipped a beat, his stomach lifted at hearing her actually speak to him.

'The healers t-t-t-t-t-' Cam ground his teeth, turning away and glaring at the floor, tears of frustration in his eyes. 'Sorry' he mumbled back to her, his nerves failing him.

He strode away before Lucy had a chance to speak, vanishing as quickly as he could, and leaving Lucy to stare after him in uncertainty.

'Please!' Cam begged, though he knew it was useless. The figure that hurt him now did so for pleasure, and not for anything else. 'Please stop!'

Brioke drove his foot hard into Cam's stomach again, kicking and punching him over and over again.

When he was done, he grabbed Cam, lifting him by his hair and throwing him over the table.

Cam did not resist as he heard a belt being unbuckled, did not react as his clothes were pulled away. He just remained lethargic and resigned, and Brioke yet again had his way with him.

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