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   Chapter 220 No.220

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'Come on!' Dee screamed at him in terror, grabbing him and dragging him forwards.

Beside them Lucy dared to glance back, she drew a sharp intake of breath as a bolt headed directly for her, she was frozen in terror. But the bolt stopped suddenly in midair, inches from her face. It hovered there for a moment, before falling and rolling down the tiles and off the edge of the roof.

She was not able to think about this further, was not able to process the strangeness of what had just happened. She was pulled away again, as Dee dragged her onwards, pulling with her Daniel who hobbled on his injured leg.

They came to the edge of the roof, slipping down into the alley and out of sight from the window through which the soldiers shot at them at.

They paused for a moment to gather themselves as they stood. Daniel moaned then, hand going to the back of his leg, his body trembling in shock as he felt the shaft of the bolt protruding from there.

Roland reached out to him, grabbing the bolt without pause and jerking it out of his body. Daniel gasped in pain, hunched forwards

'Come on' Roland said to him, voice husky as he held back his grief at the realisation that his father and brother Vincent were dead. 'We have to get away from here!'

They ran through the street, heading away from their home, which was now lost to them.

'Where do we go?' Roland gasped to his mother.

'Away' Dee sobbed. 'Just away!'

They all skidded to a stop then as they rounded the corner. The soldier didn't even pause. His raised crossbow fired point blank into Roland's chest.

Roland stumbled, falling back and dying in mere seconds as the bolt had struck his heart, blood seeping out of his chest.

Dee backed away, screaming in horror at the sight and pulling her remaining children Daniel and Lucy to her. Daniel pulled away from her suddenly, making a start for the crossbow as the soldier began to reload it.

They fought for a moment, the soldier drawing his sword and stabbing him right the way through.

He jerked the blade back, and Daniel collapsed before him.

Dee began to cry openly now, hugging Lucy to her as the soldier stepped over the body of her dead son, advancing towards them.

The soldier grabbed Dee by the throat, pulling her towards him and driving the blade through her too.

Lucy stepped back, watching as her mother was thrown aside. She glanced at her mother's dead eyes now, open and unseeing, before looking back at the soldier.

Consumed by shock, everything seemed to move slowly for her, none of this felt real anymore.

The soldier advanced towards her, sword raised, she could see clearly blood smear

ed on the blade. It stood out to her. Her mother's blood, mixed with her brother's…

Lucy backed herself against the wall, too frightened now even to run, frozen with terror, she could only watch.

The soldier stood over her, drawing the sword back to strike.

Lucy clawed at the stone below her, balling her fists.

She screwed her eyes tight shut, silent tears rolling down her cheeks. She opened them again when nothing happened, looking back at the soldier who remained standing over her.

For the longest time he didn't move.

And then he lowered his sword, straightening up again.

The soldier without a word or explanation, simply turned and walked away.

In the other world, the masked figure removed his hand from the panel before him.

He raised his head back up to the monitor, watching the terrified young woman in the streets.

'What are you doing?' Tiara asked beside him.

Castello turned to her, seeing her dressed in her black robes, but without her gloves or mask.

'Nothing' he replied casually, looking back to the monitors.

'Isn't that Lucy? The woman the prince likes?'

'It is. And he is a king now.'

'Why are you killing her family?' she asked.

'Because' the male figure replied casually, 'she has no other family' he continued, reaching forwards again and pressing several different buttons. 'Far away from the city is a refuge, hidden deep within the forest far away, a house of healing if you like, a place where people who are injured mentally and physically go. The queen is planning to save her son's life.'

'Oh yes' Tiara said, pulling from her cloak a pack of cards and sifting through them. 'Didn't we give up on him? He was sentenced to death wasn't he?'

'Yes' Castello answered. 'But his mother is planning to save him.'

'I thought she didn't care.'

'She cares a bit.'

'Did you make her come to this decision?' Tiara asked, stepping forwards and watching on the monitor as Lucy turned and wandered away from the scene of carnage, leaving the bodies of her beloved mother and brothers behind.

'No' Castello answered. 'Neither myself nor any of the others led her to this decision. She did this herself.'

'Hm. I guess she does care for at least one of her sons after all.'

'Of course she does' Castello answered. 'Remember how she killed Brioke when she learnt of what he had done?'

'Yes' Tiara nodded absently. 'She murdered him herself, with her very own hands. That was very bold of her; perhaps she would have made a suitable member of our eight.' She smirked, glancing back to the monitors. 'So why are you killing Lucy's family? What have they got to do with Cam?'

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