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   Chapter 219 No.219

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'You are free to come and go as you please' Andrew told him. 'As long as you return here every night, and keep yourself safe. There are watchmen all over this area.'

'Watchmen?' Cam echoed.

'They are here for all of our protection' Andrew said to him. 'We hold many illegal people here, foreigners and so called traitors and heathens, the council would kill them all if they were found. As long as you don't wander too far' he said to Cam, 'you will be safe under their watch. The watchmen never sleep. Day and night this place is guarded.'

'Oh' Cam mumbled.

'Go' Andrew encouraged. 'Go to the gardens and speak to this woman, if you have the courage.'

Cam opened his mouth to say something, to protest maybe, but couldn't think of anything to say, so shut it again.

'Don't think I don't know' Andrew grinned at him in amusement. 'I have eyes and ears you know. Now go, go find this woman.'

Cam left the room, trailing out of the building and out into the gardens.

It felt strange to be free again, to be truly free. There were no worries for him now, and he felt safe with others watching over him, and…and….

Cam took a deep breath.

Brioke was long gone. The memories and the pain he had caused him were a thing of the past.

He can't hurt me anymore… Cam thought to himself, and as he did, Cam began to feel something, a foreign emotion.

It was happiness, and hope.

It felt good.

Cam wandered through the garden for a long while, until he found what he was looking for.

From a distance he saw Lucy, her beautiful red hair shining in the sunlight. She was sitting and reading a book upon a bench a short distance away, the flowers in the bushes around her shone as they caught the light against the dark leaves, twinkling almost like stars in the night's sky. She spent a lot of time in the gardens, he had learnt this in the days he had watched her through his bedroom window.

Not yet Cam thought. I do not have the courage yet.

He stepped back into the concealment of the bushes around him, and watched her from a distance, from a place he could not be seen.

He returned to his room when it began to grow late, and went to bed.

Cam felt a hand upon the back of his head, snapping his head forwards and into the mirror.

A blinding pain shot through him then, and Cam saw only a white flash erupted before him, the pain he felt in this nightmare felt as real as it had when it had actually happened to him.

Cam screamed, but no sound came to him.

He was forced to the ground, still in terrible agony.

He began to cry as he felt familiar hands tearing at his clothes, gritting his teeth at the familiar sensation as something was thrust into him.

It was the same pain and horror as before. It would not go away.

Cam woke with a start, covered in a cold sweat.

He let out a heavy sigh when he began to calm, hand going to his head.

'Why am I still suffering like this? He whispered as his hands shook. 'Why am I still thinking of these things? Brioke cannot hurt me here.'

But even as he spoke these words, he did not believe them.

Brioke has scared me forever……he will follow me wherever I go…...

Interlude start

Many days ago

Bill burst into the room, breathless and red faced.

'They're coming!'

Dee had whipped around as he entered the room, shaking with terror. Her three sons, Vincent, Daniel and Roland were gathered around her, and her only daughter Lucy, who clung to her mother fearfully.

'We have to go now' their father hastened. As he spoke, all of them heard crashing coming from downstairs and shouting as the soldiers stormed their house.

'Go!' Bill screamed at his family, grabbing a staff beside the door and turning towards the stairs, turning his back on them as he faced the coming soldiers.

Dee ushered her children away, voice trembling as she spoke to them.

'Hurry' she panicked, fingers slipping on the window as she opened it. 'Go go!'

Daniel and Roland climbed through the window one after the other.

Dee ignored the sounds of shouting as the soldiers reached the room. She ignored the strangled cry, the sound of swords singing, and what sounded like a body falling to the floor.

She followed after her daughter Lucy as they climbed through the window, escaping the soldiers who sought to murder them.

Vincent who remained in the room rounded on them, drawing his weapon to bide time for his family as they escaped.

As Dee clambered through the window, she turned to glance back at the room; jerking her head back just in time as one of the soldiers fired a crossbow at her, missing her by inches. She stumbled, falling out of the window and onto the roof just feet below. Lucy reached out to grab her as she scrambled to her feet, running after Daniel and Roland who led the way.

'Where are they?!' Roland called back at his mother.

'No!' she only called back with tears in her eyes.

Roland turned his head away, facing ahead again and gritting his teeth.

Crossbow bolts bounced off the tiles around them. Daniel stumbled suddenly, crying out in pain as one hit him.

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