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   Chapter 218 No.218

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About half an hour later, the figure returned to take the plate away, noting that he had finished everything. Cam watched Andrew leave, before turning back to the window, hearing the bolt slide back across his door, locking him inside again. A few minutes later, James entered the room, and Cam turned his eye onto him.

'I see you're eating well now' James noted.

Cam said nothing.

'I think it's time you left your room' James continued.

Cam's expression instantly lightened, and he couldn't hold back the grin from his face.

'Really?' he asked hopefully.

'Yes' James replied. 'Andrew says its time. But…you will be supervised by me until we feel you can be trusted. We've all put a lot of effort and risk into bringing you here safely, we don't want you hurting yourself or running away or anything like that. Is that clear?'

'Yes' Cam nodded eagerly. 'When can I leave?'


Cam hesitated, suddenly uncertain. He rose to his feet then, watched closely by James as he moved slowly towards the door James had left open. James turned and followed Cam as he stepped out into the corridor.

Cam walked slowly, looking all around him as he went. The corridors were nice, so interesting and different to him after being stuck in the same room for so long. Everything he saw and felt was wonderful.

The end of the corridor split into two ways, one down another corridor, the other path led down a stairs.

'Where…' Cam asked uncertainly, 'where can I go?'

'Anywhere' James replied flatly. 'The responsibility to look after you has fallen onto me. I will follow you all day if I have to.'

Cam hesitated, glancing from one direction to the other as if confused. Behind him James let out a heavy sigh.

'Go down the stairs' he suggested, 'the gardens outside are nice.'

Cam obeyed, and James walked behind him as he padded slowly down the steps. When Cam reached the bottom, he found himself in an entrance hall, so wonderful and large. He was just making his way across, eyes roving all around the hall around him, when he suddenly noticed a figure he recognised. The woman he had been watching, with hair like the setting sun. His heart jolted when he saw Lucy.

He froze on the spot, staring at her. She stood with her back to him a short distance away, speaking to a man who looked like a healer. Cam couldn't take his eye off her, she seemed so close to him,

and he saw her, not through a window from a distance, but directly.

I could reach out and touch her Cam thought in panic. Oh gods Cam realised with a start, if she turns around she'll see me!

'Do you know her?' James asked quietly from behind.

'W-what?' Cam stammered. 'No.' He quickly looked away.

James glanced from Cam to Lucy, and back again.

'You love her don't you.' It wasn't a question.

Cam's eyes widened and his cheeks flushed, he avoided James suddenly, staring at the ground.

'I'll go speak to her' James said, beginning to move off.

Cam's arm shot out then, grabbing James to stop him.

'No' he hissed. 'Please…d-don't.'

James watched him with a passive expression, before turning back to him. Cam released him.

'Fine' James said carelessly. 'I know it's not my business, but if you really like her that much, just know you will achieve nothing unless you talk to her, at least try.'

Cam stared at him uncertainly.

'Now' James prompted, 'the gardens…'

That night the moon shone brightly in the clear sky, and in his room, Cam slept.

It wasn't long before he felt something moving in the sheets with him.

He tried to flee, but unseen forces pushed him back, holding him down, squeezing him; choking him. Cam gasped in panic, unable to breathe as he clutched at his throat.

Cam felt something tear at his clothes, touching parts of him that should not be touched.

He turned his head to the side, desperate, wishing someone would help him.

He saw his brother there. He saw Luke.

Cam opened his mouth and called out to him, but no sound came from his throat. He had stopped breathing he knew, but was somehow still alive.

Cam begged Luke, speaking to him through his eyes, pleading for help.

But Luke did nothing.

He didn't speak, he didn't move. He just watched.

Why won't you help me? Cam thought in his dream. Why don't you care?

Two days later, and Cam was allowed to wander without supervision.

'Can I go to the gardens?' Cam asked.

'You can do as you like' Andrew replied, glancing up from his work as he sat at the desk. 'You're allowed to go wherever you want now. You don't have to ask permission anymore, you have proven yourself to be trustworthy.'

Cam hesitated.

Andrew smiled kindly at him.

'You can go wherever you want' he told Cam again.

'Yeah but…' Cam began uncertainly, '…how far?'

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