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Later when the others were gone and Cam was once again alone, he sat on his bed by the window, leaning on the windowsill beside him and crying into his arms. His mouth throbbed painfully, and his gums had continued to bleed for ages after.

His shoulders shook as his body was wracked with sobs, he cried for hours until there was nothing left inside.

When he lifted his head, his gaze drifted outside. There were people out there, milling about the garden below him. It was a pretty place, and Cam longed to see the garden up close, to touch the flowers, to feel the warmth of the sun, the breeze upon his skin. But he had not been allowed to leave his room, not until he was deemed fit enough to do so.

He stared down at the figures outside. They looked happy as they walked about and talking to each other. Cam watched them closely, one by one taking in their features.

And then he spotted a figure that stood out to him, like a shining beacon in a dark place.

He raised his head, blinking several times. His heart jolted as he recognised the figure in the garden below his window.

'It can't be' he whispered in awe. 'It's her.'

Cam slept that night thinking of her. She had changed, had matured, had grown. He wondered if she would recognise him, as he recognised her.

Cam hugged his pillow, face screwed up as he thought of how fucked up his life had become.

'Who did I piss off that badly in a previous life to deserve all of this? Maybe the gods are just toying with me.'

He sighed deeply, turning his head into his pillow and closing his eyes.

It took him a long while to fall asleep, and when he did, he dreamed of horrible things.

Hands reaching through the walls to grab him in the dark, their very touch burning his skin, scorching it. But it wasn't just a dream to him, he actually 'felt' the pain.

'No!' Cam had screamed. 'Get away from me!'

He woke abruptly and in a cold sweat, wide eyes darting all around him as he hugged the blanket to him, his breath short and shallow as he stared at the walls around him. But there were no hands there. Cam examined his own body where he thought they had touched him, seeing himself in the moonlight which shone through the window beside his bed. But he saw nothing, no burns.

'A dream' Cam whimpered, burying his face in his hands. 'It was all in my head…'

It was still late. He didn't know how late, but he could not sleep again that night, and stayed wide awake until the sun rose the next morning.

He was woken only a short time later, outside, the sun had only shifted a fraction across the sky.

'What time is it?' Cam mumbled to the men that stood before him.


midday' was the response.

Cam stared at his lap, eyes sunken. Despite his lack of sleep, his body felt jittery, and he felt wide awake and full of energy.

He was sat at the table, staring before him as the men waited expectantly nearby, Andrew the head healer beside him.

The food on the plate he saw was bland and in small portions, nothing but chicken and rice with bread and water.

Cam reached a shaking hand towards the fork beside the plate; with his other hand he held the edge of the plate, pulling it towards him.

The chicken was cut up into tiny pieces, as was the bread.

Cam lifted his fork, shovelling some rice, and lifting it to his mouth slowly, leaning over the plate.

Andrew watched passively as Cam put the fork in his mouth, beginning to chew slowly.

For the longest time Cam ate, although there was only a small amount on his plate, it took him nearly an hour to finish. Halfway though he had dropped his fork, hand clapped over his mouth as he gagged suddenly, feeling as if he was about to be sick. Hand still over his mouth; he had glanced up at Andrew, who watched him without reaction. His eyes then darted down to the table, where sat the plastic tube. Cam had taken a slow and steady breath, willing the food to stay down, moving his hand when he felt ready, and continuing to eat.

By the end of it he had finished almost all of his food, leaving only a few scattered pieces of rice, and had drunk almost all of his water.

Andrew had let out a heavy sigh when it was all over, remaining for another half an hour at least to make sure he digested his food and didn't throw it up. When half an hour passed, he left, along with the other men. The empty plate and glass were taken away, and Cam was left alone.

I've broken my fast Cam thought, gritting his teeth and glaring. Then he turned his eyes to the window, gazing outside as he moved to sit on the bed. Is she there? He thought looking to the gardens below him. Perhaps I will see her again.

Chapter Twenty

A week passed, and Cam stared out of the window, looking out for Lucy, though he had not seen her again. He was bored out of his mind.

At one point there came a sound outside his door, the bolt being drawn across. Cam realised it was that time of day again, and as the door swung open, a single figure entered, carrying a large glass full of water, and a plate filled with food, a roast with meat and vegetables and lots of gravy. The silent figure placed the food and drink on the table and left again. Cam rose willingly from his bed and sat at the table, spooning several forkfuls of food into his mouth before drinking deeply, and eating some more.

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