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   Chapter 216 No.216

The WeatherMaker - Prince of Light By Lady Lilium Characters: 4969

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The door opened suddenly behind him. Cam turned, gasping at the sight of the figure that stood in the doorway.


Luke smiled, stepping into the room and closing the door behind him.

'You look beautiful' Luke told him as he stepped closer with a predatory smile. 'A king. How about that.'

Cam said nothing, but continued to watch Luke closely, never taking his eyes off him.

Luke smirked, moving closer to Cam until he was standing before him.

'You shouldn't be running in the corridors' Luke said. 'You could get hurt.'

'What?' Cam gasped.

'I want to see you in my office.'

Cam's eyes grew wide, his throat began to dry and his body began to tremble.

Luke moved his hand to Cam's face, as if to caress him, all the while Cam stared back with horror.

Suddenly Luke grasped Cam's head roughly, slamming him into the mirror.

Cam stumbled back, howling in agony as the glass cut his eyes and face. Before he could recover, Luke shoved him hard. Cam fell to the ground on his front, his mind spinning in pain and confusion. He felt a hand upon his head then, pushing him to the ground before he could stand.

'L-Luke' Cam fumbled. '…Why…?'

He felt Luke's body weight press against his, before he was pulled up, coming to rest on his hands and knees.

'Stay where you are' Luke growled from behind him, 'or I'll kill you.'

'Luke' Cam gasped as Luke began to tear at his clothes, grimacing in pain as his nails cut into him. 'Stop!'

'This body' Luke smiled cruelly, 'belongs to me. Your body belongs to me…you are mine.'

'No…Luke…' Cam whispered desperately. 'Please…don't…'

Luke thrust forward; Cam drew a sharp intake of breath, hissing between his teeth, jaw tight shut and moaning in agony.

It didn't get easier. It never got easier.

Cam endured the process as he always had, feeling a hot pain thrusting inside of him again and again, willing it to be over as he suffered the ultimate betrayal.

When Luke was finished with him, he shoved him back to the floor; Cam lay on his front, whimpering, tears running from his eyes. Luke stood over him, smiling down.

'There's a good lad' he spoke.

Cam sat bolt upright suddenly with a cry. He was lying in bed, his heart was racing and he was soaked in a cold sweat.

His hand went slowly to his head as he drew a shuddering breath.

'A dream' he gasped in shock at the vivid memory. 'It was all a dream…'

The next day, he was visited again.

Andrew stood be

fore him holding two things. In one hand he held a plate of food, in the other, a tube.

Andrew placed both items on the table before Cam and spoke.

'Take your pick.'

Cam leant forwards in his chair very slowly, never breaking eye contact with Andrew.

He spoke.

'Go fuck yourself.'

Andrew sighed, glancing to the men around him who descended on Cam once again, tying him down and forcing the metal piece into his mouth. Cam for the entire process never broke eye contact with Andrew as he pushed the tube down his throat.

Afterwards, James came to visit him.

'He has forsaken me' Cam whispered miserably, sitting up in bed. 'My own brother….has forsaken me…'

'That's not true.' James spoke harshly. 'He wants you to live.'

But Cam didn't hear him, so lost was he in his own thoughts and misery. He could taste blood in his mouth where the steel gag had cut his cheeks and tongue.

'In pain…..' Cam whispered, lifting a hand to his face and running a finger along the inside of his mouth. 'I'm always in pain….' He stared down at his finger, where he saw blood.

'I'll find a healer' James suggested gently. 'They can give you something to help you sleep.'

He stood up and left, returning shortly after with a glass filled with a strange liquid.

'Here' he said bringing it to Cam's lips and cradling the back of his head gently, tilting the glass as Cam drunk the liquid tentatively.

Cam finished it all, his eyelids drooped and his body slumped. James put the glass down on the bedside table, laying Cam back upon the bed and draping a blanket over him.

Cam slept deeply for a long time, and he slept without dreaming.

A day passed before he woke, and when he sat up and glanced out the window beside his bed, he saw that the sun was further back in the sky than it had been before he went to sleep.

Cam was forcefully dragged from the bed and pushed down into the chair before the table.

Cam breathed slowly, staring at the two things that were placed before him. Standing at the other side of the table, Andrew waited expectantly.

Cam slowly leant forwards, reaching out for the plate and pulling it towards him, until it tipped off the edge of the table and onto the floor.

Andrew sighed wearily, he nodded to the men and they held Cam down once again.

Cam began to sob half-heartedly as the steel gag cut his mouth inside, tears rolling down his cheeks as the tube was forced down him. He was tired, so very tired.

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