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   Chapter 215 No.215

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Interlude start

'What the hell was that?! You call that making things better?' Reuben snapped the instant the masked figure return to them. 'You did a terrible job. In fact if anything you made it worse, much worse. You may as well not have bothered.'

'Hey' the other figure snapped back. 'Get off my case. If it's that important to you then why don't you speak to him yourself?'

'I…' Reuben began. He fell silent, glowering. 'Why can't you just make people lives better?'

'Seriously? You're asking me that now? Come on Reuben, you know how things work around here.'

'I know but…' Reuben turned back towards the monitors, where he could see Cam struggling against the soldiers that fought to tie him down. 'Hasn't he suffered enough?'

The figure's response was simple.

'How boring life would be if only good things happened.'

The figure walked away.

Interlude end

Cam lay on the bed for hours, staring up at the ceiling with eyes bloodshot red, and his throat painfully sore. He tried to make a sound, but it only came out as a croak.

He felt so drained, emotionally and physically. And weak, he felt so weak, he doubted now that he could even lift an arm, but he was still tied to the bed where the soldiers had left him, for his own safety they said, and others. In his rage, he had hurt several healers and a few of the soldiers.

But as usual, that time of the day came around again, and the next his door opened, it was them.

The head healer Andrew, flanked by several others stood on the other side of the room, as the door swung shut behind them.

Cam heard the sound, and turned his head slowly from the ceiling, and towards them, staring at them blankly. Cam's skin was pale and beaded with sweat, as he had spent so much energy in his magic. He looked sick, incredibly sick.

Andrew didn't even ask him this time if he was willing to eat. He knew that he was not. He simply nodded to the men around him, who descended on Cam, untying him and pulling him to his feet, half-carrying him as they lead him to the chair. Cam let out a sob and a groan at the sight of it, but unable to resist them, did nothing as he was sat back in the chair. His binds were fitted, but this time not so tight. The man behind him held his head back as another fitted the steel gag over him, forcing his mouth open and keeping it that way. Andrew held the tube in a hand, approaching Cam from the front and lifting it as he did.

Cam began to cry silent tears a

s the tube was pushed down his throat. His hands were limp as they rested upon the arms of the chair, having no strength to even move at all. He watched as the liquid food was passed through the tube and into him. When it was over, the man removed the tube, and the steel gag was taken out of his mouth.

Cam slumped forward, feeling sick, but trying his best to keep it down. He knew that if he were to throw up, the process would happen all over again, and so he tried to stave off the feeling, as he gagged more than once.

He remained tied to the chair, watched silently by the men around him as they waited for him to digest his food. About half an hour passed before they untied him, leaving him alone once more.

Later that day, James came to visit him.

'How could he…' Cam whispered, 'how could he do this to me?'

'Luke does not know about this' James told him. 'He has no idea.'

'He's failing to protect me' Cam hissed. 'He's….hurting me…'

Cam's hand went to cover his face.

'Luke has done what he can to protect you and get you away from the city, ' James explained, 'after that he has no power. You are out of his reach. It is up to us now to keep you safe, and keep you alive.'

'But I don't want to live' Cam breathed. 'Not anymore. I've suffered so much…I only wish now for peace.'

'Don't say things like that.'

'If I die…then my brother will become king….and everything will be alright.'