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   Chapter 214 No.214

The WeatherMaker - Prince of Light By Lady Lilium Characters: 4549

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'But why would my mother help me if she doesn't care about me, if she never loved me?'

'Because…' the figure replied sombrely, 'you are still a person.'

'And what about my brother?' Cam asked, beginning to feel nervous.

'What about him?' the figure replied coldly.

'Well…does he know what's happened to me? Where I am?'

'I'm sure he does' the figure shrugged.

'Well…does he not care?' Cam asked tentatively. 'I mean…is he worried about me?'

'It wouldn't seem so.'

Cam's heartbeat slowed.

'Did you hear what I said?' the figure said again. 'He doesn't care.'


'Your brother doesn't care about you. He does care about you. He doesn't care. He doesn't. Care.'

'No' Cam shook his head violently. 'It isn't true. It isn't true.' He gritted his teeth, tears brimming in his eyes. 'My brother loves me!'

'As you loved him?' the figure challenged. 'As you…loved him…?'

Cam's whole body began to tremble violently.

'He let you suffer. He turned a blind eye to your pain.'

'No…' Cam shook his head. 'No…'

'Not much of a brother was he? If he loved you, he would have protected you, as you protected him…from Brioke…'

'SHUT UP…IT'S NOT TRUE!' Cam was becoming desperate. 'It's not true…my brother is good!'

'He didn't try to save you when you ran for your life, that day you truly left the palace for the first time and ventured the world alone. He didn't try to save you when you were captured and tortured. Remember the pain Cam? Remember what they did to you?'

'Please stop it…'

He didn't try to save you when you were sentenced to death, he didn't try to save you when you were sentenced to burn alive in front of an audience.'

Cam grabbed his head with both hands, throwing his head back screaming.

'SHUT UP!' he cried. 'SHUT UP!'

A strong wind began to pick up in the room, though the windows and door were shut, and his skin and clothes began to glow brightly, as they had done before. His black hair turned white, and his clothes lightened in colour until they looked almost pure white.

'Not only does your brother not care about you!' the masked figure hollered over the sound of the gale howling in the room, 'but he hates you. He hates you. Without you, he is king. Your brother is evil, cru

el even. He is glad your father is dead.'

Cam collapsed, falling to knees he curled up into a ball crying hysterically.

'I hate being all alone…' he sobbed. 'Father……….I wish….I wish none of this had ever happened……I wish that you were still here with me……… I miss you so much it hurts…..….why….why did that have to happen….why did you have to die….?

'No one cares for you' the masked figure continued, as the wind began to drop. 'They're all in it for themselves.'

Cam gritted his teeth. The figure's words cutting into him like a knife.

He wished it would just end, that all of it would just end. He wished with all his heart that he would just die, so that he would no longer have to suffer, so that he would no longer have to feel anything.

'Why?' Cam whispered, tasting salty tears on his lips. 'Father……if you hadn't died….none of this would have happened…none of this………Luke……we used to be so close….why do you hate me………why do I suffer like this…..? My entire life has been nothing but misery and pain…'

He gritted his teeth then, a sudden anger rising in him.

'I HATE HIM!' Cam screamed suddenly, throwing his head back. 'I HATE HIM I HATE HIM I HATE HIM!'

'They're coming' the masked figure spoke suddenly, ignoring Cam and turning towards the door. 'They have heard you.'

He vanished before the healers entered the room. Cam rounded on them; body hunched over and skin still glowing.

He fought off easily several of the healers, fighting until soldiers began to pour into the room; battling through the gale he had created which began to rise again with his anger.

He was only subdued when one of the soldiers struck him over the back of the head with a large and heavy object, standing just behind him and out of his sight. Cam collapsed, head spinning. He couldn't resist as he was carried by the soldiers over to the bed. He turned his head to the side gingerly, as the glow began to fade, and his white hair returned to its natural black.

One of the soldiers grabbed his arms, and he felt something wrap around his wrists, his ankles too. He suddenly realised that they were tying him down.

Cam screamed again, struggling to fight against them. But his strength was greatly depleted now, and his efforts were weak.

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