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She grinned wider at this. 'I'm sure it does.'

She took a step back, moving out into the hallway.

'If you would like to follow me…'

When they were back in what was apparently now Cam's room, she asked him to sit on the bed.

'I need to look at your wounds' she said patiently to him.

'I don't have any.'

'You have burns on your leg' she told him. 'Please. They could get infected. I need to make sure they heal properly.'

Cam reluctantly took his trousers off, keeping his undergarments on.

Lady knelt before him. She took off the wet bandages Cam had washed in, and cleaned his legs, drying them, then rubbing cream gently into his sore skin before bandaging them up again.

When she was finished, she paused, still kneeling.

Lady raised her head.

'Cam' she said to him. 'What happened?'

Cam clenched his teeth, feeling suddenly very nervous and uncomfortable. But he forced himself to speak.

'I was…sentenced to….be executed.' He swallowed the lump in his throat. 'They…tied me to a pyre…and……' he bowed his head, letting out a sob.

'No' Lady shook her head. 'It's not that. Your toenails have been ripped off.'

Cam didn't answer, he couldn't answer, he only froze.

'Did they do this to you? The council?'

'Yeah' Cam whispered; his voice barely audible.

Lady rose to her feet. 'I'll bring you some food.'

She was only gone for a short time before returning to him, carrying a tray of food and drink.

'You haven't eaten or drunk anything yet' Lady said to him, placing the tray upon the bedside table before straightening again. 'You must be starving.'

Cam didn't answer, and so she turned away.

'Do you know where my brother is?' Cam asked her as she made to leave. 'Is he safe?'

'I don't know' Lady answered, pausing at the door. 'I couldn't know.'

Cam bowed his head, heart tightening in his chest. He barely noticed her leave, barely heard the door close or the bolt slide across on the other side.

He glanced at the food and drink on the tray beside him, and turned away from it, lying on his side with his back to the room.

Two days passed.

'He still hasn't eaten anything' Lady said to the head healer.

Andrew grumbled uncomfortably at that, scratching his chin in thought.

James turned to Lady. 'Has he drunk anything?'

'No' Lady said to him. 'Not a single thing. Cam hasn't even drunk a sip of anything I've brought him since he first

came here.'

The three of them fell into a tense silence.

'Have you encouraged him to eat?' Andrew asked Lady.

'Yes' she replied. 'I have done so many times. But he adamantly refuses.'

Andrew sighed, turning away. 'I hate to say this, but if he continues to even refuse drink, then he will die in only a few days.' Andrew balled his fists in frustration. 'I don't want to do this, I don't, but….' He trailed off.

'Do it' James spoke firmly. 'If he refuses his food again, I want you to make arrangements to begin.'

'I can't eat' Cam said weakly. 'I've nothing left in me….no will to live….no will to survive or see the next day.' He closed his eyes. 'I just want it to end' he whispered. 'I want it to all go away. I just want to stay here….until I feel it.'

'Feel what?' Andrew asked speaking slowly.

Cam opened his eyes, staring up at the dark ceiling above him.


Andrew rose from his seat. He turned and walked away.

Chapter Nineteen

The next time food was brought for him; there were several people who entered his room, not just Andrew.

It was usually Lady who brought Cam his food, but recently, Andrew the head healer had done so instead.

Andrew invited Cam to sit at the table, which he did. Then Andrew placed a plate of food before him.

It looked delicious. Smelt delicious. But Cam wasn't tempted. He just sat where he was in silence, not eating.

Andrew pulled up a chair beside his, leaning against the table and watching Cam closely. He lifted the fork, picking a small piece of food from the plate and moving it towards Cam's mouth to eat.

Cam turned his head away.

'Cam' Andrew said patiently. 'You have to eat.'

'I don't have to' Cam mumbled to the wall, '…if I don't want to.'

He had become incredibly weak since he arrived at this place, the lack of food or water had caused him to be listless, and he couldn't sleep, as he was plagued by nightmares.

Even in this short time here he had become skeletal in appearance, gaunt, with sunken hollow eyes.

Andrew let out a sigh in exasperation, dropping the fork and the food it carried back on the plate and straightening up again. He gave a nod to the men around him.

Cam panicked as the table was pulled sharply away from him and the surrounding men held him down, tying him to the chair with belts so that he could not move. Cam began to scream, his fear giving him new energy.

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