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   Chapter 211 No.211

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The healer closed the door behind her with a foot, holding a tray in her hands, upon which was food and drink.

She sauntered up to Cam confidently. Cam watched her with caution, studying her, careful of her every move

'Hello' she beamed, grinning widely at him, acting as if she had only just noticed he was there.

Cam saw instantly that she was naturally a bubbly and friendly character.

'My name is Lady' the healer said to him. 'You're the king Cameron aren't you?'

'I am' Cam replied solemnly.

Lady placed the tray on the bedside table beside him, turning to him and holding her hands together before her.

'Are you hungry?' she asked him.

Cam glanced with disinterest at the food and drink on the tray.


Lady bowed her head to him.

'You've been here for nearly an hour now' she told him. 'I know you don't want to be touched, but I really do have to check your wounds.'

Cam wouldn't meet her gaze, instead chose to avoid her by paying attention to the tray.

'The healer who welcomed you' Lady told Cam, 'his name is Andrew. He sent me here to check on you. If I don't look at your wounds, then they may become infected and fester.'

'Alright' Cam sighed.

'Will you follow me?' Lady asked him politely. 'There is a bath waiting for you.'

'I'm allowed to leave my room?' Cam asked her flatly.

Lady hesitated. 'We only wish to keep you safe' she told him.

'Does my brother know I'm here?' Cam asked her.

'He….I don't know.'

'Is he safe?'

'I assume so.'

'You assume….?' Cam raised his head. 'You mean you don't know.'

'I can't be sure.'

Cam bowed his head, feeling a lump in his throat.

'I'm sure he is fine' the young healer tried to comfort him.

'How?' Cam asked. 'How can you be sure?'

She bit her tongue, unsure of what to say.

'Why is this happening?' Cam whispered, speaking to himself and looking the other direction. 'Why isn't he here? How do I know he's safe?'

He tensed slightly as the healer reached for him, touching his arm.

'Come with me' she spoke slowly. 'Everything will be alright.'

Cam rose, following her out of the room and down the corridor.

As Cam went, he found himself thinking how nice it was to leave. He had only been in that room for a short time, but already he was glad to look at different surroundings, and just to be somewhere else.

They only walked for a short time before stepping through another door, within which was bare, save for a wooden tub filled with hot water and steaming.

'I'll be back in a while' the healer told him. 'There are fresh clothes for you there' she indicated to the side.

She bowed to him, before turning and closing the door behind her, leaving him alone.

Cam stared at the closed door, before turning back to the bath.

He approached it, unbuttoning his shirt mechanically.

He was desperate for a bath he realised, not even being able to remember when last he had one.

He slowly undressed, feeling the water which was warm, before slipping into it, tensing at the pain in his legs before relaxing again.

Cam let out a heavy sigh, closing his eyes, making the most of this one moment of peace and serenity.

He washed himself meticulously, scrubbing his body clean and washing his hair.

He got out when the water started to cool, and got dressed, looking at his reflection in the small mirror upon the wall. Cam leant closer to his reflection, running his fingers through his black hair, which was now clean, and wondering briefly what it would look like pure white. He had never had a good look at himself in that state. The only time he had seen himself like that, was when looking at his reflection in the water, the very first time it had ever happened.

'How?' Cam mumbled to himself. 'Why? Why does it change?'

He stepped back, still looking at the mirror, at himself. His hair had grown longer, if he had brushed it forwards, it would have covered his eyes.

It had never been as long as this before. When he had lived in the palace it had been cut for him by servants often. A king was expected to have hair that was short and neat, not long and wild like the gypsies wore their hair.

But I was Cam thought to himself solemnly, I was a gypsy, for a short time.

Cam turned away from the mirror, waiting uncomfortably in the room for someone to come for him. Eventually they did.

There came a knock at the door.

Cam tensed slightly.

'Who is it?'

'It's just me' Lady's muffled voice came through the wood. 'Can I come in?'


Lady opened the door, stepping carefully in.

'I'm here to take you back to your room.' She smiled at him. 'You look great by the way.'

'It…does feel good to be clean again.'

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