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   Chapter 210 No.210

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'Ah!' said a figure as they came to the foot of the stairs that led to the next floor. 'You're here, at last.'

Cam gave only a half-glance towards the mature male figure dressed in blue and white, (though he didn't have his hair covered) before looking away. Behind him were three younger figures, all male.

'It was a long journey' James nodded to them wearily. 'We couldn't leave for a while because of how severe his injures were' he said glancing back at Cam, who was staring at the wall.

'I'm just so glad that you are safe my king' the healer said to Cam. 'And I'm sorry for what happened. I'm sorry that they did that to you.'

Cam turned to face him at last, wearing a blank expression.

'May I?' the healer asked.

Cam didn't understand, and so he glanced at James.

'He wants to check your wounds' James told him.

Cam looked down.

The healer having received no objection stepped forward, kneeling before Cam and touching his leg.

'Get away!' Cam snapped aggressively, moving sharply back and snarling. 'Don't touch me.'

'I should have said' James told the healer wearily, who looked a bit shocked at Cam's outburst, 'the king has an aversion to being touched. And who can blame him for his mistrust…after everything that's happened to him? I'm sorry I should have mentioned it.'

'I understand' the healer spoke kindly, rising again to his feet. 'Follow me' he said to Cam. 'I will show you to your room.'

'M-my room?' Cam repeated, suddenly very suspicious of him.

'You will be staying here a while, where you will recover.'

'And then?' Cam asked.

'We've not thought that far.'

'It's alright' James reassured him, sensing Cam's hesitation. 'You will be safe here, we will look after you.'

Cam gritted his teeth, fighting back tears.

'Come on' James prompted. 'It's this way.'

Cam followed the healer and James up the stairs and along the corridor, stopping before one of the doors which looked identical to the ones lined up either side of it.

'This is your room' the healer said to him, opening it. 'Room H.'

Inside the room was bare, with only a bed in the corner beside the large window, a bedside table and a larger table in the other corner, at which was a single chair.

Cam stared at it unimpressed.

'You'll be staying here' the healer said to him. 'If you ever need anything, there is always someone nearby who can help.'


'There is a bell' the healer said indicating a red rope hanging beside the bed. 'You can ring that in emergencies and someone will come q

uickly.' He lowered his hand. 'I need to look at your wounds' he spoke seriously to him. 'Will you let me?'

Cam fell silent now, staring at the healer with suspicion.

The healer glanced towards James.

'Perhaps you would feel more comfortable if a woman saw to you?' James suggested to Cam.

Cam turned away.

He wanted to avoid all of them; he wanted it to all just go away.

'Stay here in this room' the healer told him gently. 'For your own safety, I think you should remain. Food will be brought to you shortly. You must be hungry.'

'I'm alright' Cam replied reluctantly.

The healer bowed his head once. 'A female healer will come for you shortly' he told Cam. 'We must leave you now.'

The two figures moved from the room then, leaving Cam behind.

'She will be with you shortly' the healer said back to Cam, pausing in the doorway. 'Please, stay in your room.'

Behind the healer James stood, watching Cam silently.

The healer closed the door, and Cam felt a twinge of nervousness as he heard the sound of a bolt being slid across.

He realised he was locked in, and wondered suddenly whether or not he was safe here.

I suppose they wouldn't go through so much trouble only to hurt me Cam thought. And even if they did…do I really care anymore?

It was utterly silent in the room.

Cam stared at the door for a long while, feeling suddenly very lost and out of his depths. This all felt so strange and foreign to him. So much had happened in such a short space of time. He had nearly lost his life not so long ago, and now suffered terrible injuries from which he was still healing. And now he found himself in this strange new place, all alone.

He moved away from the door, coming to the bed and lying down on it.

He felt uncomfortable as he lay there, staring up at the ceiling above.

He waited several minutes in silence, willing himself to fall asleep just to pass the time, but he was wide awake, and nothing seemed to be calming his waking mind.

A long time passed, then there came the sound of the bolt sliding across the door.

Upon hearing it, Cam was suddenly reminded of being back in the prison cell where he was tortured, and for a moment he felt terror as to who would enter through the door.

He stiffened, sitting bolt upright as the door swung open.

He watched as a young female healer entered. She was pretty, and looked to be about the same age as Cam.

Cam wondered then if the others had specifically chosen her for this, perhaps to make her more approachable to Cam.

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