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   Chapter 209 No.209

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'What is your profession?'

James smiled silently. 'I am nothing' he answered briefly, before rising and moving away.

Cam watched him go, before lying back against the floor of the cave. He breathed a heavy sigh and closed his eyes, allowing himself to rest.

It was the very next day, when Cam and James began their journey to the other place.

They shared the same horse, and rode through the forest for what seemed like the longest time. They rested often, and as Cam sat beside the fire in the dark evening, he couldn't help glancing over his shoulder, eyes wide as he stared at the shadows the fire kept at bay.

The light from the little fire flickered between the columns of the trees, and Cam envisioned all manner of terrible creatures lurking in the darkness, feeling that if the fire were to die, they would leap out of the darkness and get him.

He jumped as a figure came marching towards him from the shadows, relaxing slightly when he saw that it was only James.

Cam let out a heavy sigh, leaning back and bowing his head.

James gave him a critical look, though kept silent, dumping two dead rabbits on the ground beside the fire.

He knelt. Cam watched silently as James brought out a knife, beginning skin the animals.

They ate little as they travelled, mostly only what James could find in the woods, mostly rabbit.

They travelled far; their destination was a long way away. For which Cam was grateful for.

The longer we travel Cam thought, the further away from the capital we get. I hope we travel forever.

But after long last, their journey finally came to an end.

James wheeled the horse around, coming out into a section of the forest that had been cleared.

Before them was a great building. At first it looked like a manor, but when Cam looked closer, he saw that it was not simply a home, but a public house of some sort. There were people walking in and out of the building, hanging around the entrance in small groups, and wandering the grounds outside. The gardens around the manor, which was made entirely of wood, were flat and beautifully kept. Hedges cut into perfect symmetrical shapes grew either side of the smooth stone paths that wound around the open fields, vegetable patches and flower patches. There was even a rectangular pond, where a fountain trickled water in the centre, and at the edges, water lilies floated amongst lily pads.

All of this was hidden in the forest, built on the area of flat land where the trees had been felled. Now the flowers in the garden were able to receive the suns warm glow, and they grew healthy and bright.

'What is this place?' Cam mumbled, bowing his head as he surveyed the building before them. Its windows were large, but he could se

e nothing within.

'It doesn't have a specific name' James told him. 'It's sort of like a guest house that cares for the sick, and rehabilitates broken minds. Many have suffered because of the wars that have been spreading, because of the damage the council has done to so many. This place is like a sanctuary. Many people suffer mental trauma because of what they have seen and lived through, others suffer physical injures…some have even lost their whole families.'

As James spoke, Cam paid closer attention to the people that he saw wandering about the grounds. While most looked unremarkable, Cam did indeed see a few that stood out to him.

There was a woman trembling violently, holding herself and rocking back and forth. She was shaking her head and speaking hysterically to another woman seated beside her who appeared to be trying to comfort her. This woman appeared to be a healer, dressed in blue and white with her hair covered. As Cam looked further, he saw a few more of these figures dressed the same. There sitting by a flower patch was a man dressed in blue and white, speaking to another man who was missing a leg. Beside that man, was another, who was missing an eye.

So this place was built because of me Cam thought bitterly.

'So why have you brought me here?'

'Isn't it obvious?' James asked glancing back at him.

He tapped his heels into the horse's flank, and walked the creature to the back of the wooden building where there were stables.

James dismounted, turning to Cam and helping him out of the saddle. Cam moved gingerly with his injuries, but with James's help, managed to right himself. He looked about him.

The courtyard they were in was small, with stables lined up all around and facing inwards. James put the tired horse away in one of the stables, then returned to Cam's side.

'Are you alright?' he asked Cam.

Cam blinked, raising his eyebrows as he stared at a speck of dirt on the ground.

'Great' he droned.

James sighed in exasperation, strolling past him. 'Follow me' he mumbled back to Cam, 'the others are waiting for us, they already know of what's happened.'

Cam obeyed, following slowly after James in his footsteps.

They entered a small side door set into the building, and stepped into a quiet, narrow corridor.

Cam shuffled back, as James closed the door behind him, marching off down the corridor and heading away. Cam hurried after him.

Cam took in his surroundings as they went. One room was where they washed clothes, another a dining hall filled with several long tables. Another room looked like it was meant for only relaxing, with a metal hearth, soft furniture and shelves full of books.

They passed through several rooms before being greeted.

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