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   Chapter 208 No.208

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'But I can't….' Cam whispered feebly back. 'I'm not strong enough….I don't know how!'

'You will learn how' James told him firmly, 'and you will grow stronger in time. I have every confidence in you.'

'What about my brother.'

'He has joined the council.'

'Join the…..but why? The council is evil.'

James bit his lip in thought.

'Where is my brother?' Cam asked raising his voice. 'Why isn't he here?!'

'Shhh' James reached a hand forward towards Cam to cover his mouth. 'Keep quiet; you don't want anyone to hear us.'

'Why isn't my brother here?' Cam repeated quieter now. 'Why didn't he save me?'

'He did. That's why you're here now.'

'Why was I tied to a pyre and set alight?' Cam demanded. 'Why was I sentenced to death?'

'You're brother is one man' James reasoned, 'in a council of many. He was overruled. He couldn't overturn the sentence, but he and your mother made arrangements in secret for you to be rescued.'

'Is that all?' Cam whispered.

'What do you mean?'

'He is a prince' Cam argued. 'He would be king if not for me. Does that count for so little? Is that all the power he has within the council?'

James breathed a heavy sigh.

'He has little power while you live' James explained, 'as you are the older twin, you were born first. And what little power he does have weakens when he joins the council, as he becomes part of a larger group, and his voice becomes weaker as he fights with those around him to be heard.'

Cam's attention began to drift.

'Luke is doing all he can' James told him.

Cam's eyes grew distant.

'Now' James went on, 'we need to look at these injuries, but we need to touch you, we know you are afraid of this, but you have to trust us. Will you allow it?'

Cam didn't answer, James took that as acceptance, and he and Theliah beside him began to work on his legs. They cut away the remaining fabric and examined the damage. The skin was horribly blistered, bright red and extremely tender.

'Second degree' James said offhanded as the pair worked. 'The risk of infection is high unless we do something. It'll take many weeks to heal I'm afraid.'

Theliah reached for a bag behind her, pulling out a jug and leaving the cave for a moment.

Cam sat back, resting on his elbows, waiting for her to return.

'Are you alright?

' James asked him softly.

Cam nodded silently, unable to meet his gaze.

The healer returned shortly after, the jug now full of water from the stream.

James and Theliah washed their hands before proceeding, James lifted the jug above Cam's legs, he paused.

'This may hurt a bit' he said. 'Ok?'

Cam nodded.

James diverted his attention back to his task, tilting the jug and pouring the cool water over his legs.

Cam lay on his back as this happened, grinding his teeth and balling fists full of dirt in his hands. He let out a sigh as the jug was emptied, tensing again as James lifted a second jug.

'It hurts' he whispered.

James looked up at him.

'I know.'

When the pain began to cease about fifteen to thirty minutes later, James stopped. He and Theliah began to clean the burns, patting the area dry with a gauze, their touch was very gentle. When they were done they applied cream, wrapping bandages over the burns loosely to avoid putting pressure on the skin.

'I was going to take you somewhere' James told him when they were done. 'But your burns are too severe; we must wait for a day or two for you to heal, until you are ready to travel. You need to just lie here with your feet up. Can you do that?'


'Just keep your feet up. That will help reduce any swelling.'

'Where are you going?' Cam asked him as James made to leave.

'We'll be staying here a short while' James said. 'I need to get supplies, food…medical equipment…I'll be back as soon as I can. You just stay here and rest.'

'Drink this' Theliah told him handing him a glass of dark liquid. 'It will help you sleep.'

Cam took the glass tentatively, staring at it.

'Just drink it' James told him.

Cam glanced up at him, then back to the glass. He brought it to his lips and drank deeply. Seconds later, he fell back against the soft earth, the glass tumbling from his hand.

He was now somewhere far away.

Sometime later James returned to change the bandages, soaking parts in warm water with a damp cloth before removing it.

'You need to move your legs a bit' James told him as he replaced the bandages with fresh ones, 'or else your skin will heal too tightly.'

'Are you a healer?' Cam asked him.

'It's one of my skills yes' James admitted, 'but it's not my profession.'

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