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   Chapter 207 No.207

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Cam had taken a step back at the sight of this figure, but his nerves calmed quickly, recognition sparking within him.

'You again' he said. 'Why do I always see you?'

'I don't know' the masked figure replied in a male voice. 'Why do we always see you?'

Cam said nothing.

'You've been through so much in your life' the masked man said casually

'Where are we?'

'This is the inside of your mind' the figure replied. 'It's a bit empty in here isn't it?' The figure said glancing either side of him at the blackness. He began to chuckle. 'I'm just kidding. Think of this as being a part of your dreams. You can think of anything, anything you want, and it will appear.' He hummed to himself. 'Why don't you imagine a giant flower, with bright pink petals?'

Cam blinked at the figure, then thought.

By his side appeared not a flower, but a figure, a figure that Cam knew well and despised.

'Oh' the masked figure sighed glumly. 'Him. You think of him a lot don't you, even in your subconscious.'

The masked figure waved a hand to the other figure dismissively, and Brioke's profile and sneering face faded away.

Cam held himself, feeling suddenly dirty.

'It's time for you to return now' the masked figure told him quietly. 'You have to live. You have to fight on.'

'What if I don't want to live' Cam argued, 'what if I no longer want to be a part of this world?'

'I'm afraid' the figure replied slowly, 'you don't have a choice.'

Cam's eye twitched.

'You will wake soon' the figure told him, turning and gliding away. 'And we will meet again. We always do. And don't forget…we'll be watching.'

'You always are.'

Everything began to fade to black.

James leant back slightly, listening for a breath and watching Cam's chest. Still nothing.

'Please help him' his sister healer begged as she knelt beside them.

'I'm trying' James snapped before leaning forward again and placing his mouth over Cam's. One breath, two breaths…he waited, watching Cam's chest, before leaning forward again.

Cam's consciousness was slowly returning, and gradually, Cam was becoming aware of the world around him. He felt something move inside him. Something was pinching his nose, and he could feel a sensation around his lips.

There it was again! A breath?

Cam opened his eyes, seeing a figure leaning over him. Cam could feel the stranger's breath inside of him. His eyes w

idened in horror, and as the figure leant back slightly, Cam lurched, rolling to the side away from the stranger, gasping deeply as he drew his own breaths now, coughing and retching violently.

Behind him he heard a female voice cry out in joy, clapping.

'He's alright!' she called. 'You did it!'

Cam felt suddenly violated; as the stranger had put something inside him he didn't want.


Cam wiped his mouth, his breath beginning to steady. He turned back to look behind him, and saw two figures, a woman, and the man he had felt inside him.

'What did you do?' Cam gasped.

'You stopped breathing' the man explained. 'I had to save you.'

Cam glared at him, feeling anger, feeling hatred. He made to move, but was gripped by a sudden pain in his legs.

'What happened to me?' Cam asked, seeing his burnt and blistered skin. 'Gods it hurts' he moaned.

'You suffered a terrible ordeal' the man told him. 'It's lucky I was able to save you.'

'Don't touch me!' Cam spat as the man made to move towards him. 'I don't trust you. I don't know who you are! Why did you bring me here? Where am I?'

'I'm sorry' the man said drawing back. 'My name is James. This is my sister Theliah, she's a healer' he explained. 'I brought you here; I saved you from the fire. They are surely looking for you now; you are here for your protection.'

Cam turned his body to face the pair, glaring at them head on.

'I pulled you from the blaze' James reiterated. 'I saved you.'

Cam looked down at James's body, seeing extensive burns over each arm. His flesh was blistered as Cam's was, and his clothes in places had been burnt away.

Cam hunched his shoulders, beginning to cry.

'Get away!' he howled as James threatened to touch him again.

'Cam. Look at me' James said grabbing him by the shoulders and shaking him. 'LOOK AT ME!'

Cam trembled as he stared unblinkingly back at the man.

'I was a good friend of your fathers' James spoke firmly. 'I served beneath him before he died. He was a good king, but now he's gone the council are fighting for his place.'

'The council?'

'The right hand and left hand of the king' James explained. 'The council are not to be trusted; each side seeks to rule in the king's place. One side through forced ignorance and religion, the other through brainwashing and propaganda. Neither is what the people need. We need a king. We need you.'

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